Wednesday, September 7, 2011


My 6 1/2 inch creative grid ruler is missing????
Has anyone seen it????
I wonder if it took a ride down to SC to visit lil sister????
see what happens when you don't sew for a couple months--
things just walk off!!!

Oh well--we will work around it for awhile and if it doesn't show up soon, we just might have to shopping!!!!
Now why would I want a ruler today--
as I have not been quilting in about 4 months???
Cause I did sew==now no fainting on me here--
I did sew today!!!
There is 12 blocks here--
awaiting for the next step--
maybe tomorrow--we will see--
provided the 'creek doesn't rise too much and wash us away'!!!
we are getting alot of rain here--and up north and to the east of us--
right where 'Irene" already flooded everyone!!!

As I was looking for the ruler--
I also found this pile of  'just' fall patterns--
Ahhhh--and I am working on a Christmas project--
go figure!!!

And one should never leave a bed empty--
cause one never knows what one will find in it when one returns--
Looks like some 'fall characters' are wanting to let me know that it is close to decorating time for them--
they must be 'newbies' to this household--
as they don't know that 'Di' is not the fastest one to decorate for each holiday!!!!

And I did get another knitting project off the needles--
I know that it doesn't look like much here--but wait until it gets blocked-
this is a large project--glad it is done--but it was an easy project to do==
just 2 different rows to the pattern--
but row 1 was an increase row--
and you increased each row by 14 stitches !!!!

Well- email ads are waiting for me to read them--
can't keep them waiting too long now can one????
hope it is dryer where you are--
sure wished there was a way to truck all this water to Texas????
got any Ideas????
Hugs, Di and her miss gracie--


  1. I was using a 6 1/2" ruler earlier, but I swear I didn't take yours. You've been missed 'round here!

  2. Have you found it yet? I needed a giggle!

  3. I need a new 6 1/2 inch rulers but I didn't take yours. Promise !!!

  4. Sorry your ruler is among the missing. Glad you're sewing again though.

    Carol (NJ)

  5. Hi Di...I wanted to check in on you, I know there's lots of flooding near you. Stay safe ok?? xo Jen

  6. Ooooo! Di's started quilting again! Yippeee! Love the blocks so far!
    Love all your fall patterns too! Ok young lady, get busy. Lots to show and tell. :)
    xx, shell

  7. Nice to see you have been sewing again, hope you find your ruler! What a great bunch of patterns, I have one of them 'the witch is in', I just love it but have not yet made it up!!


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