Sunday, September 18, 2011


is having fun!!!
I can not believe that it is Sunday all ready--
seems like it should still be noon on Wednesday!!!
I do have to say that from Wednesday at 5 pm to Saturday at 9 pm--
I was busy every minute that I was awake and I truly loved every single minute of it--even the bus rides!! and that is saying alot at this point!!

Now as for my body--
I have been in alot of pain and have ached terribly--
but I forget 'pain' when I am spending money and having fun with newly made friends!!!
I met alot of neat women and four mother/daughter teams of knitters!!
and I learned so much that my brain even aches tonight!!!!!!
and these gals can knit anywhere and everywhere--
I was really surprised by there love for this craft!!!

I really am not sure how to do this--
so I guess I will break it up into the days of the tour--
because you know me--lots of pictures--
so here goes--
we met at the store at 5 pm on Wednesday evening for knitting and games!!
we all got a nice 'introductory' gift package--
this is the yarn and gifts I got in mine--
Now how did Pam know that I love the pink family????
Is she a good manager and friend or what!!!!
and I also brought these home--
I won the needles in a door prize--
and the yarn I got in a 'yarn toss' game where we introduced ourselves to the others-
that yarn is soooo soft!!!!

On Thursday morning we were back to the shop for a class--
On spinning--
It was fun--but I can't say at this point that I liked it or enjoyed it--
but my 'spindle' wouldn't "obey" my wishes--so it was just probably the spindle that was misbehaving!!!!

after a lunch at the shop we all got on the bus and toured a farm about 10 miles from town--
they had all the animals--

and she handpaints her yarn--
this is what came home with me on the bus!!
Love them--seen a couple more colors tooo--but---
Oh the bus driver would not let us back on the bus unless we purchased yarn--
at least I think that was the 'rule'!!!
then we took a local tour of the area for the all out of towners--
and we stopped at a large apple growers farm--
the jar is homemade apple butter--
the small skein of yarn was a gift from the farm lady!!
OH--and unfortunately--there was one more item missing???
an apple cider donut--YummmmmmmmY--

that evening this lady came for a demo and trunk show--
this is Laura Nelkin--she has done patterns in many of the knitting books and has a blog site--
Here is just a sampling of some of her designs--
she was great and funny--
I got the necklace kit from her and the pattern in the back--
and some more of her patterns later.

well that is day one and two of the tour--
stay tuned for Day 3--hopefully tomorrow!!!!
Hugs, to all, Di and Miss Gracie


  1. Oh my gosh - what a wonderful time! Will you ever return to quilting, or has your heart gone totally to knitting?

  2. Fabulous Fun!! I discovered a spindle recently in a local craft shop - locally made with a beautiful finish... the lady was pretty good at using it and I was so tempted to buy one and have a play...but I sat on my hands and talked myself out of it--too many things on the go at once! Hope you master yours :-)

  3. Really enjoyed your photos! All the wool, oh my! Heavenly! Love the handpainted yarn, such gorgeous colours!


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