Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I wanna know--
      1. what your favorite treat is???
       2. do you give this out at Halloween????
         3. how many 'treat or treater's  do you get at your house???
You never know==
there just might be a 'treat' or two for your answers!!!!
Guess who????
with Hugs, of course!!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


She says "Please don't forget to buy some cat and dog treats too, at the store--
as they like to go out Trick or Treating tooooooo!!!!!!!

Hugs, and Smiles--Us

Monday, October 24, 2011


Hugs, from Di and Miss Gracie--
PS--don't forget to pick up some 'treats' this week at the store--
that 'fun' day is nearly here!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011


Look here--
Opps--I am looking the wrong way!!!!
Ahhh--this is better--
I had to try out this bright and cheery quilt before I would let 'Mom" show it to you--
and I kinda like this one!!!???
Of course she had to 'cheat' a little--
she did a fancy stitch on the sewing machine for the quilting--
instead of her usual hand quilting--
but she wanted it finished 'this' year not 3 years from now!!!!
Her new pink brothers sewing machine has nearly 30 different fancy stitches--
so now she says she may just have to do this more often to some of her quilts--
it did go fairly fast--I do have to say that for her!!!
and now she can go on with Chookyblues next SAL--
seeing as how she got the book early this summer, not realizing it would be the next SAL--
this way she knows it will get made---(hopefully--Chookyblue--don't put that 'whip' away--
Mom may need you to get out again!!!!!)

Well--this job is fun--
but it is my 'nap' time and then it will be my 'play' time with Mom--
so gotta go for now!!!
Have a great day--you all!!!

Hugs and smiles--from Miss Gracie and mom!!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


was in the sewing room for most of today--
yep-- again!!!
but she said that I can not show you yet--
she can be such a 'meany' at times--
but here is a couple hints--

It might have something to do with these--
and something about "Chookyblue" and getting the whip out--
and that Mom doesn't like 'pain' so she best ----get busy!!!
and I know she tried to get it all done today--
So == time will tell here what has become of these blocks 
and some more just like them!!!!

In the meantime--
to all Mom's blog friends--
Have a happy Sunday--

Hugs, and purrs from Miss Gracie and her Mom!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011


While I was playing and napping--
Guess what 'Mom' did today?????

Yep--she was actually in the the sewing room--
and she wasn't just standing in the middle of it wondering what to do--
she was working on some projects--
And this is what she accomplished today--
First she finished this little project--
she told me she had done this needlepunched pumpkin a couple years ago--
and then never knew how to finish it off--
so she got around and made it into a mini wall hanging--
now to find a 'mini' wall space to hang it up?????

Then she did 'a' counted cross stitch last week end--
but what to do with it--
then she found this--from last year--
And she said it looked lonely--was the only other thing she really had that was in purples--
now it has some 'company'!!!
and I think the saying is soooo cute!!!!
then she has a couple things on the cutting counter that she needs to finish--
so she tackled one of them--
I am glad I was sleeping==cause I know she got really 'frustrated' a few times--
and even though my Mom does not swear--
she came real close a few times==I just know she did!!!
says she now knows why she had to take a break!!!
so here is this wall hanging top--
I did finally make her take a 'nap' at 4:30--
told her that they always make me feel better--
must of worked for her too--
as now it is ready to be put together with back and batting--
then to decide how to quilt it--
and she says there is about 4 quilts/wall hangings ahead of this one--
so I think she better get busy hand quilting--
unless it is my feeding or play time==those things are more important that quilting
especially when she likes to 'stab' herself with the needles!!!!!!!!!
Hugs from me--Miss Gracie and her 'mom'!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Well--I did get the Fall decorations out--
and here how they are being shown for the year of 2011--
these two items--the Indian doll and crow--
I made several years ago-
all the counted cross stitches here I have done==
and the wool mat with the pumpkins and scarecrows--
Under the baskets and the quilt is my room a/c!!!!!!
Can you see "who" is looking out the window???
Doesn't she look like a black kitty-?????
So how did I do--I did have alittle help from my Anne's daughter, Kathy--
she is helping with some of the heavier housework right now--
and decorating is diffidently 'heavy'!!!!!
The pillow on the couch is one of Shell's patterns at the--
in fact she was looking for it--hummm--
sorry Shell--it was me you gave it tooooooo--thanks again!!!!!

It was another beautiful fall day here==
in the 70's and sunny--so my Anne and I went to lunch at the Restaurant down by the lake--
we took a long lunch and sat there and watched the sail boats, ducks and birds!!

Well you all keep busy now--
see ya soon--
Hugs, Di and her sweet miss Gracie

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Whether it feels like 'summer' spring or Fall where you are living--
I wish this for all my blog friends!!!

And hopefully I will have some great posts coming your way this next week--
so hang onto your 'hats'!!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


A lot of things are still really green around here--
I do see alittle 'color' coming to some of the trees--
but far and few--
so I am having a really hard time getting in to the "Fall" mode!!!!
But it is suppose to go to freezing during the night--
so by morning ==who knows what things will look like outside????
but then they are saying a high of 77 degrees on Sunday!!!
Hugs, me and my Miss Gracie

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I do believe that each month goes faster than the month before it!!??
I am being good and staying home more--
lots more--only I was sick for 3-4 days last week--
just one of those things--just had to take it easy and rest--
what can I say!!!!

I do keep telling myself that I really want to get back into quilting--
but as you can see here, Miss Gracie is telling why 'rush it'--
this is only a little bit of what Mom has already gotten completely done!!!
but I do keep telling her that there is alot of patterns and lots of pretty fabrics in the sewing room--
just waiting for there turn!!!!

In the mean time--I am still working on knitting projects--
and doing some cleaning and lots of laundry around here--
so I am busy!!!

Here is just a collection of some photos that I have not shown yet--
Think this man is a Alpaca 'whisperer"??
Love, Hugs, and Smiles--
from Di and Miss Gracie

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