Thursday, October 6, 2011


A lot of things are still really green around here--
I do see alittle 'color' coming to some of the trees--
but far and few--
so I am having a really hard time getting in to the "Fall" mode!!!!
But it is suppose to go to freezing during the night--
so by morning ==who knows what things will look like outside????
but then they are saying a high of 77 degrees on Sunday!!!
Hugs, me and my Miss Gracie


  1. Yep, lots of green here, too, and the flowers are still blooming. At least the sun finally came out again. Love your doll....

  2. This year our predominate color has seemed to be brown -- as the hot, hot days (and nights) have taken a toll on our usually green world. Sometimes the dead trees look a rust color and one could almost think they are looking that way because it is fall. But, alas, just another victim of this horrible drought.

  3. We're waiting for 'green' to show more of itself around here being Spring down here! But the nights can still be quite cool!!!


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