Friday, October 14, 2011


While I was playing and napping--
Guess what 'Mom' did today?????

Yep--she was actually in the the sewing room--
and she wasn't just standing in the middle of it wondering what to do--
she was working on some projects--
And this is what she accomplished today--
First she finished this little project--
she told me she had done this needlepunched pumpkin a couple years ago--
and then never knew how to finish it off--
so she got around and made it into a mini wall hanging--
now to find a 'mini' wall space to hang it up?????

Then she did 'a' counted cross stitch last week end--
but what to do with it--
then she found this--from last year--
And she said it looked lonely--was the only other thing she really had that was in purples--
now it has some 'company'!!!
and I think the saying is soooo cute!!!!
then she has a couple things on the cutting counter that she needs to finish--
so she tackled one of them--
I am glad I was sleeping==cause I know she got really 'frustrated' a few times--
and even though my Mom does not swear--
she came real close a few times==I just know she did!!!
says she now knows why she had to take a break!!!
so here is this wall hanging top--
I did finally make her take a 'nap' at 4:30--
told her that they always make me feel better--
must of worked for her too--
as now it is ready to be put together with back and batting--
then to decide how to quilt it--
and she says there is about 4 quilts/wall hangings ahead of this one--
so I think she better get busy hand quilting--
unless it is my feeding or play time==those things are more important that quilting
especially when she likes to 'stab' herself with the needles!!!!!!!!!
Hugs from me--Miss Gracie and her 'mom'!!!


  1. Someone's been busy :-) The Christmas quilt is particularly cute. Great to have some finishes and make room for more projects...!

  2. Wow, when you decide to get going on projects, you really get going! Good for you, love them all! Now come on over to my house and help me!!!!!

  3. Hi Di! I love the Black Hat Society one. :-) The Christmas one is beautiful. You've done lots of great work there! Give Miss Gracie a pet for me! xo Jen

  4. Well, aren't you the busy bee? Love the purples and the Christmas one of course.
    I am still at the "standing in the workroom looking" stage. Maybe I need another nap?

  5. I love the look of needlepunch but it's something I've never tried. I love the pumpkin one!

  6. Wow, Di, all in ONE day??? Congratulations on so many finishes! You are just SO creative!

    Thanks for the update, Miss Gracie!

    Hugs to you both!

    Carol (NJ)

  7. This is my problem- I see all this I want to do- but I don't get it done because I am stll looing at what all I want to do!!! lol Congrats on doing something!! You have inspired me to get busy on one project and see if I can get it done but first I have to fix breakfast, check my email, look at pinterest, check facebook.....see what I mean!!!! Smile.

  8. Hi Miss Gracie, your Mum sure has been a busy girl! I bet she felt a lot better getting to finish some of the projects that been left half done for so long!!!


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