Thursday, November 17, 2011


Well--I really did do it--
Block #5 has it's applique all done--
this one was a fun one to do!!

And then got more done on this applique--
I ended up adding a second oak leaf--
so that took some stitching time--
then my first acorn that I had prepared--
faded into the rest too much--
so back to the sewing room for different fabrics--
like this one much better!!!

I did have knitting club today--
but did not walk over--
was also in a cleaning mode this morning and early afternoon--
and we let that mode flow when it wants to--as it doesn't 'flow' often around here it seems--
I mean the 'extra' cleaning mode--
like taking the mattress and box springs off the bed and cleaning the floor under them!!!
Oh and when I put the box springs back, I put a fitted mattress sheet on the bottom side of it--
Why?????? you ask--

cause that is where Miss Gracie likes to sleep--
under the bed and all the cats I have had in the past who have slept under the bed--
well--they like to claw the bottom of the box springs and tear that thin layer of fabric down--
and as this is a new bed-----!!!!!!!!
( here is today's picture of her)
Thanks for all of you wanting me to give Miss Gracie some turkey--
but she won't eat it--
she does not like table food of any kind--
except that one kind of lettuce leaf--
she really is different in the eating department from my other cats--
and it does surprise me -- as she was raised in that dirty garage--
and not feed regularly--so you would think she would want to eat it all--
Now == she does have to smell all my food I fix--or she will drive me crazy--
but once she smells it--she is fine and walks off!!!!

So what kind of pies to you make???
and then which ones do you eat????
Hugs, from Di and Miss Gracie


  1. Good job, Di! That fall project where you switched the acorn and added the leaf is going to be very pretty!

    You’re very clever with the sheet on the bottom of the box spring! Oh that Miss Gracie! Lol

    As for pies…I love pumpkin and mince, but rarely make the mince as I’m the only one who loves it.

    Carol (NJ)

  2. Very neat applique Di!! Nice work!
    Cats really are the oddest creatures aren't they!!!
    I like steak and kidney pie, and for a sweet pie, I like rhubarb and/or peach!!!

  3. Great post Di!

    Thank you for the wonderful surprise that came in the mail! All three of us were thrilled with your gifts for us!

    Hugs,Carolyn,Hitty and Miss. Abbie..she has not stopped playing with the little fish toy since I opened the package!

  4. Great projects Di!
    Oh...if you get bored, you can come clean my house. Of course, the dust bunnies might run off with you! hee,hee,hee.
    hugs to you and miss gracie too!

  5. Pretty projects you have going! Yes our kitties are the same only like seafood and no chicken or beef, etc. No table food for these two either. Now as for the cleaning well go for it when it hits for sure, those days are less and less here as well!! Hahaha!


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