Monday, November 7, 2011


I had some fun today--
right here at home!!!!
and I even made it into the sewing room--

and now --
no fainting on me--
just grab some chocolate instead!!!!!
After a couple of those daily household chores--
I went to the sewing room--
and the first thing I needed to do was decide on which fabrics I wanted to use for the "Some kind of wonderful" SAL that Chookyblue is doing next!!!
and I think I will mainly use this one--
"Juliet's song by Anna Fishkin for Red Rooster--
It may be an older line--but I love the colors they are a perfect shade for me--
I will add others for the background and maybe another fabric here or there!!

then I found fabric for the binding on the frog wall hanging and am happy to say it got sewed on
not to turn it and stitch it down--then you get to see it!!!

Did a mend --rather a hem job--
love this new nightgown--but it was several inches too long--
yet I loved the ruffle--so just took up alot of the fabric above the hem and sewed it--
now it is perfect!!!

I even got outside as it was another nice day here--
did need a sweater though--
went to the Health food store for some 'health food"!!!!!

Over the week end I did hand quilt a lot on the Gardner's Journal quilt--
and it felt good to hand quilt again--I am hopefully about half done with it--
it does have alot of hand quilting to it--soooooo!!!!!

and now of course is the question--
what to work on in the sewing room--
1. I have two fall/thanksgiving projects I like to do--
one is a table runner and one is a wall hanging--
2.I found a Christmas quilt that needs quilting--
do I set the Gardners Journal aside and do the Christmas one???
3.I have the Schnibbles pattern 'Full House' and want to do that--
or do I be good and do the fall or a Christmas project--
Oh my I am even confused now--what to do??????
I also have been still working on knitting and crocheting projects
for the classes and such--But I am moving those 'reports' over to Di's workbasket site--
Just click on the title on the top side bar and it will magically take you there!!!!

Well--be good now--
from Miss Gracie and her mom!!!!


  1. Hi and Meow! You've been incredibly busy! I think I just decided I need to make a Gardner's Journal quilt!

  2. well you know I will vote you keep hand quilting the Gardener's Journal.......
    great fabrics for the SKoW SAL........
    the SAL girls would love to see what your up to.......

  3. Oh, your Gardener's Journal is just lovely!! I have the same conumdrum as you are facing....what to do now? With several projects in various stages of completion, I'm overwhelmed. Such a beautiful day is dawning, I'll be I vote to be outdoors instead! Won't be too many more like this here in Atlantic Canada!

  4. Hi Di and Miss Gracie! Looks like you two have been having some fun! Love that Gardner's Journal quilt! Fabulous!

  5. I do love that Gardener's Journal Quilt, there is so much to see in it. I am sooo behind on catching up on my blog reading at the moment, been a busy bee!!!! Hope all is well with you and Miss Gracie!!


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