Friday, November 11, 2011


Get myself back into my 'stay at home' mode--
She needs to stop going outside and wandering around town everyday--
and she needs to lay down that crochet hook and those knitting needles--
and she needs to start --
No not getting the turkey bird ready--
she needs to get herself back into the winter routine of--
sewing and quilting--
Time is flying by at an alarming speed--
and there is so much "dust" around here-
that she will not be able to find all those pretty fabrics she bought this summer--

Ok I know it sounds like a plan--
but then there is still the problem of what to work on first??????
But I have that down to two projects for now--
and hopefully==
hopefully tomorrow I will tackle one of them at least!!!!

But then again--I hear the knitted mittens for the Santa calling my name--
wonder who will win tomorrow??????

Have a great week end in whatever you are doing--
Hugs, From--Di and her kitty--that Miss Gracie


  1. Come and tell me what to do, too :-)
    Have a nice weekend - the little miss, too!

  2. I know, I know, less running around town and more sewing and quilting. I need to be reminded, thanks!
    Now get to work Missy!!!!!


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