Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Work, Work, Work and the name "Christmas" in every other sentence--
and once in awhile--
someone remembers the "bird!!!
See he is waving at you--
he wants to be your friend!!!!!

Okay--I have been busy--
So here is some of things I have been doing--
this is our movie theater--
it is a very old one--
but has been completely restored all within the last 10 years--
it is only one and half blocks from here--
how often do I go????
Ahhhh--about once every 2 years--
am a bad girl!!!!
But Sunday--I just put everything down and went--
Seen this film--
Footloose--and boy was it a cute movie and a great story line--
loved this remake!!!!
Then somehow I had found this book on our bookshelf in the hallway--
I had even given it to another resident to read--
cause I did not want to get all tied up in reading--
within two days it was back on my door--
and she said it was a great story and that she had never read anything 'like' it before--
so in it came and within hours--
guess who had her 'nose' into it????
I also read it within a day and half--and it is a thick book--
and it is a great story--so go read it!!!

Found a yarn bargain couple weeks ago on the Internet--
I got these for $2 a ball--there is 9 here--regular price was $5.95!!!

I got my knit sweater all finished--

I have not done any blocking on the finish yet--
but it looks and feels great on me!!!!!

And I got these two scarfs finished--
both are the same pattern and the same number of stitches--
but two different needle sizes--
what a difference!!!!

and I got a counted cross stitch done--
there is one for each season--so will wait until I can get them all done--
before I decide how to frame them or finish them off!!!!

And I did get the hand quilting done on a wall hanging today--
so hope to do the binding tomorrow--
if I can remember how to get to my sewing room???????

Hey--I seen that===
get your hands out of the kids 'treat or treat' candy!!!!!
Hugs, Di and her pal--miss gracie


  1. What a marvelous day of finishes!! Love your sweater!!

  2. Pretty sweater! I thought you'd fallen off the face of the earth. Glad to know you're still working hard and taking good care of Miss Gracie.

  3. Hi there! Nice to hear from you again :-)
    Lots of finishes again - you are amazing.
    Hugs to you and kitty.

  4. Beautiful sweater and Hi to Miss Gracie!Carolyn :)

  5. Your busy hands have produced many good things. I'm a knitter but not experienced enough yet to have made a sweater but do look forward to doing so one day. Pretty sweater and scarves!

  6. Congrats on all your finishes, Di! You certainly don't let grass grow under your feet!

    Thanks for the book recommendation too. I'm always looking for new authors.


    Carol (NJ)

  7. Love the little cross-stitch, it is just beautiful!!! Congratulations on finishing up the sweater, it looks like it'll be warm for the cooler months!!
    Good to see you have been busy!!!!


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