Thursday, December 1, 2011


And I have been busy--
but no pictures to show--
and tomorrow I hope to be doing this---

only it is for some of those things that you need--
like Miss Gracie is out of kitty litter--
I need winter boots,
need some white curtains for one more window--
you know that fun stuff!!!
and the girl friend that is taking me--
will also have one of these with us--
She is 9 months old--
I hope I survive this 'shopping' spree??????

I have quilted this week-
in fact this one is all done with the hand quilting now--
It is just waiting for me to find some time and energy--
at the same time--
to sew the binding on it and finish it!!
And I have started the hand quilting on this one--
that cardinal block is actually the first one--
and it is nearly done!!!
and of course there has been some knitting being worked on--
had to unknit the back to a baby sweater on Monday in class for the second time--
I hope we got it going correctly this time!!!
Have been to Physical Therapy 2 times this week--
and another knitting class today--
today I am working on a red Christmas shawl  --
need to have it done for a party on the 12th of this month!!
and of course we have those daily chores and laundry--
and things like that that have to be done every day!!!!
and yesterday I got the Fall tote up in the closet and the Christmas ones down--
so now I have a 'messy' dinning room --ahhhh--once again!!!!

I really was a 'good' girl on the Internet for shopping tooooo--
I did not do any buying until tonight--
at the FatQuarter Shop--they had 25% off and some patterns at 50% off--
think I got 2 patterns and a little fabric--
(actually you did not just read the word fabric--ok???)
I got a fat quarter bundle in spring bright pinks--
and a couple charm packs with hearts--for Valentine projects--
see===I am thinking ahead here--
at least this is my 'story' for buying more fabric!!!!
So how much did you all spend on the sales this year????
was it gifts or for yourself or both?????
Well--need to go--
my knitting or quilting is calling me--

Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie


  1. Busy, busy, busy... Is Miss Gracie being a good girl in anticipation of Santa's visit?

  2. Hello Di! You sure have been busy! Time and energy at the same time, I need that too! I need to work on some projects for of these days! xo Jen

  3. Di, I think your being so busy all the time is what keeps you young! Enjoy shopping today, especially with the “little one” along!

    I absolutely LOVE your Christmas quilt. I really can’t wait to see the whole thing, not just a tease of a couple cardinals! Lol

    Be good, both you and that Miss G.!

    Carol (NJ)

  4. I want to see the whole quilt too! You are such a tease :) You hit the nail on the head when you said you have to find the energy and the the same time! Seems like I have either one or the other lately! have fun binding, I need to do some of that too.

  5. Wow! Di, you have been a busy girl! I bought a few things on-line both for myself and for gifts, so I was good in that way LOL!!!!
    Have a great weekend!!


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