Monday, December 26, 2011

I DO---

that Miss Gracie and I had a very good Christmas--
These gifts are from blog friend -- Sunny in Maryland--
I just love them--and what a neat craft idea--
the card was homemade tooooo!!!!
Yep--I do believe that it was a good one--
Isn't little 'guy' cuteeeeeeeeee????????
Here is the rest of my 'loot' from another blog friend Alice in VA--
I got two great movies, 2 charm packs of Oasis, a yard or so of a delicious looking Chocolate fabric--not sure if I am to sew with it or 'eat' it?????  Then there is a cute pad with kitties on it and the paper inside has kitties and even a small pencil--how cute!!
some emery files and lots of pencils along with that cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee penguin believe bell.
Thank you so much Alice!!! 
she is also the one who sent Miss Gracie some 'loot'--
Did get these pictures of her playing with one of them--
Ahhh--Miss Gracie--that is the camera cord--
you are suppose to be playing with the 'new' toys!!!!
OH--Miss Gracie does want me to tell, Auntie Alice that she loves allllll her new toys, and wants to say, Thank you!!!!
And here is that beautiful card again and now I have a beautiful silver angel to go with the card--
oh--wait a minute--I bet that blog friend, Anne-Lise, of Norway--meant the angel to go on my tree--
but I just may have to leave her out this next year!! Thanks Anne-Lise!!
And Auntie Shell got Miss Gracie a catnip toy--see it there on the rug--
Miss Gracie had alot of fun with it--till she seen me get the camera--and that ended that--
one of these days I will have the camera in the right place at the right time!!!!
Miss Gracie says, Thank you to Auntie Shell and the bunnies for her new toy!!
I Do--
That some blog friends spoiled me and Miss Gracie this year--
we truly are so very 'thankful' for each and every one of you around the world who add to our heart some love everyday--
Bless you all--
Hugs, Di and that Miss Gracie


  1. What beautiful presents you got, Di! And Miss G. has enough to keep her busy for oh say, a week? lol

    Thanks for sharing.

    Carol (NJ)

  2. Some lovely little gifties there Di for you and your little feline!!!!! Now that Christmas is all done with we have the New Year to look forward to!

  3. Santa was very nice to you and Miss Gracie!


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