Sunday, December 18, 2011


and I have checked it twice--
So here goes for that '2012 Crazy challenge'--
doing 15 counted cross stitch projects--
Here is my pictures--
Actually this last set I am counting as one project--
so that means that a crazy 'Di' is doing a crazy 'challenge'--
and the worst part is---
I have found soooooo many more I want to do up--
this is as 'addictive' as quilting, and knitting--
you can't just 'buy' one and come home and do it--
one needs to keep buying, wishing, buying--
I might just as well have a stash of patterns for cross stitch to go with all the yarn and fabric--

Now for those that don't know what this is--
It is also a 'club' like thingy!!!!
the initials stand for--Take A Stitch on Tuesdays--
you may still have to click on the button at the top of her page that says--
community challenges to get all the information--
It is a long list of bloggers who are participating in this--
and each Tuesday she will be showing us a new embroidery stitch to practice--
and I have wanted to learn some new stitches for  a while now--soooo!!!!
My name and site are in the 'Q' section--way down the page!!!!!!

So you think that with quilting, knitting, counted cross stitch, embroidery, and reading--
that I will stay out of trouble--
your right==No Way!!!!

In fact I have my own Challenge going for this next year--
I have decided to call it the ---
Christmas Club---
you remember that at the bank you went each week/month and put money in a special savings account for Christmas spending--(do they still do that??)--
well--we will be making and putting away things for next Christmas --
which the calendar tells us we have 12 months to get ready for--but will be here in just a couple months time, it feels like, anyways!!!
You can still commit to this--there will be some prize each month--
and you can pick your own days and times--but must be at least 8 hours a month--that seems fair right!!!

Well--all my packages to send are piled on the floor ready to go to the post office tomorrow, and all the cards that I need to mail are done and stamped ready for tomorrow--
so what did you do today?????
Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. You are way too ambitious for me! I baked some cookies today, and started on my cards. I'd like to finish making them tonight, but it's not going to happen while I'm sitting here on the computer. We also had a birthday dinner for my stepdaughter, so i guess we had a pretty good day. Happy Monday!

  2. Di, I want to know what vitamin or drink do you take every day to give you soooo much energy?! I would love to have some inspiration to keep my 8 hours/month commitment if I signed up for that challenge, but I don’t seriously think I can keep it. Maybe for a month or two yes, but I have a feeling I would be rushing at the end of each month.

    Today after church we stopped by Dunkin’ Donuts for some coffee and donuts and then I came home and did a couple loads of laundry. I also made up my to-do list for tomorrow. Dd just added buying stamps for her wedding thank you notes and after I affix the stamps, will mail them for her.

    I’m hoping to completely finish buying for Christmas and can start wrapping tomorrow night!

    Carol (NJ)

  3. Hello--
    Is this going to work???
    Fingers crossed.

  4. My goodnes you really have 2012 sewn up with projects Di! Good for you! I look forward to watching your progress!!
    Have a wonderful Christmas season and I wish you all the best for 2012!!!!


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