Thursday, December 8, 2011


not sewing or quilting thread--
but all kinds of counted cross stitch embroidery threads!!!
No--I was not bored--
In stead this crazy 'Di' person--
joined another challenge group--
this one is even named right toooooooo!!!!
It is called--CrazyJanuary2012 challenge!!!
and it involves this--
Doing counted cross stitching--
see the plan is for you to pick '15'--yep I said, "15" projects--
and get all the supplies ready for the first of January--
then starting the first of Jan. until the 15th of Jan--
you actually start each of the 15 projects--one each day--
and then the good news is----
you have all the rest of the year to finish these 'ufo's' in waiting!!!
Well--picking out 15 wasn't tooo hard--and I did have lots to pick from--
then it was going through them all to see if I have all the threads, and the right sized cloth for each one!!!

Well--I have alot of threa---
so I did this for alot of them--
I made up cards for each line I have--
then listed each color on a card by the 'abc' system--
this way all I have to do is check the cards to see if I have the color!!!
Then I went a step futher--
but first here is my basket of the projects--
some are seasonal, some are small, some are large--all are work!!!!!
Today I spend pretty much the whole day in doing up the cards you see sticking up from one of the projects--
all the floss for each project is on cards now and the fabric is with the pattern, too--
so I am nearly all set to go--
did have to do two different orders to finish off colors==
and Of course I had to get two more new patterns to do!!!!


On Tuesday, Miss Gracie got to go for a ride---
for her check up and a rabies shot at the Vets--
to say she was not happy about it --is putting it mildly--
but she survived and she still 'loves' me--so all is ok now--
and she weighted in at 13.5 lbs--!!!!!

Got the last set of hats and mittens made for this year's Santa give away for the 0-2 year olds--
and all of those items have been delivered--so now on to next years!!!!!

I got mail today--
Now remember I did not do any shopping on Black Friday or that week end--
but 'really' some of these fabric shops just kept emailing me--
with all kinds of great bargains--
and I really do love "bargains"--don't you????
So I decided to think 'spring' and got this fat quarter set--
Now there is some 'spring'!!!!
then these two charm packs hopped into the cart--
and I am soooo excited--
for Valentines this year we are back to red and pink and white--
now we are talking!!!!!!
one 'cute' piece--
Wonder why 'Di' bought this one?????
and two more patterns--
So what do you 'think'--
think Di will be really busy in 2012--
wonder if it will keep her out of trouble????
Probably not!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs, from Crazy 'Di' and a Silly cat!!!!


  1. Your little 'kitten' weighs 13.5 pounds?!?!?!? I like the sound of your 2012 challenge. I'm going to give it some thought. Keep on stitching.

  2. Wow, Di, that group does sound challenging! Makes me start thinking maybe I need something like this to keep me working on my needlework. Hmm…. ;-)

    Glad you finished the Santa gift in time, and your new fabrics look lovely! I can’t wait to see what you create with them.

    Glad Miss Gracie isn’t holding a grudge against you for taking her to the doctor! Lol Sounds like a healthy cat to me!

    Carol (NJ)

  3. My goodnes Di!! You have 2012 sewn up already LOL!!! That a pretty major commitment, I will be following with great interest.....
    Don't you just love it when little squishy parcels come in the mail, especially from the FQ shop, they've had some great specials lately, I've been know to peruse their site a little too often LOL!!!!
    Glad Miss Gracie is still talking to you....LOL

  4. Before I read this post, I just very recently pulled some very old counted cross stitch UFOs out of hiding and looked at each one, then set some out to begin stitching on them again as time permits, hoping they will be completed by the end of 2012. Once I learned to quilt in 1999 my attention to CCS just vanished and now I have several of these projects to finish. I enjoyed reading your post, it added to my encouragment!


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