Thursday, December 22, 2011


some of the places and things I seen today--
First is the Christmas tree in our Community room down stairs--
I am not sure 'why'--but I feel that this tree is saying that it is lonely and bare--
even though it is decorated--it just looks 'sad' is all!!!

this one is telling me that it is a 'happy' tree--
go figure!!!
Hi- Al--you look like you are walking at an angle---
OH that's cause that is how I took the picture--sorry--
but don't you love his smile!!!!

Here is our wall of mail boxes--
and here is where we mail our mail from--

Next stop was the doctor's office--
for my monthly B-12 injections--
Then Di forgot to take photos of the next two events--
went to the Yarn shop and knitted today--
there was just 2 of us plus the teacher--but we had a good time--
and I taught them the 'proper' way to eat the pretzel m&m's!!!!

Then stopped at the Country shop to say--
Happy Holidays and leave off a couple gifts--
and I did look around--
but I did not buy anything--
and I did not buy anything at the yarn shop!!!!
Now that is being a good girl--
look at what came in the mail today--
to Miss Gracie--
she has more to open on Christmas than I do---
a lot more!!!!!!!!!!!
And here is some pictures that I took on the way home today--
these where at one house--
next to it was this house--
fancy and lots of lights!!!!
well--just 2 more days for the rest of you--
I really don't have a thing going on after today--
so I can sew, knit, or whatever!!!!

From: Di and Miss Gracie


  1. You're right that first tree does look a bit has a bit of a lean to it too!!!
    Great house decorations on the one with all the lights etc, must have taken ages to get it like that.
    Take care Di, and Miss Gracie!!! Happy Christmas!

  2. Thanks for sharing some holiday decorations. That first tree does look kind of sad. I think the leaning could be the reason, because I’ve seen trees that are decorated with no presents under them and they look inviting. The little Charlie Brown tree is so cute with its one token ornament! Lol

    Good girl not buying anything yesterday! Glad you enjoyed your small gathering at the yarn shop! What IS the proper way to eat pretzel M&M’s?!

    Merry Christmas to you and Miss Gracie!

    Carol (NJ)

  3. I love all of your beautiful photos. Hope you are having a Merry Christmas.


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