Friday, December 2, 2011


we left here about 9:30 am--
when I went down to get in the Van and looked into the back seat--
I almost swallowed my 'tongue'--
cause the baby looked just like this clip art photo--
she had on an outfit that looked just like this one and her face was nearly the same--
how funny--hu?????????????
She was a very good baby on our shopping trip--

At Petsmart where I get the kitty litter--
as I was checking out they asked if I wanted to pay $5 for this--
large stuffed animal and the money went into an animal fund--
I said sure and then I will donate it to our Santa give away program for a youngster here!!!
and I picked this "cat"--
now I just have one problem here---
I am in 'love' with this cat--
and I want to keep 'her'!!!!!!!

 I got some fabric at JoAnn's--only show the solid red here--
but also got solid black and some white--my local quilt shop does not carry solid colors--
and I have a plan for the red one--and it is always good to  have white and black on hand--
Right--Di--but we see '2' other prints in that picture--
so what gives???
well--now could you really pass up that one with the "popcorn and berries" on it????
and it is pegged for a purse--maybe????
the red and white Christmas one may also have a plan--we will see!!!
This also came home with me--
The Quilt books where on sale for 40% off--
and I need this one for some fabric I got this summer--
more on this story later!!!!

Now I really want to sew tomorrow--
But--look ---
at this and this--
and it being the 3rd of December tomorrow--
I guess I need to do some housework and some decorating --
what do you think?????
Well--it's 'play time' for that cat' o' mine--
Let's get some decorating done this week end --
and some sewing is always fun!!!
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie


  1. I’m glad to hear you had such a successful shopping trip today, Di! I love your new fabrics and look forward to seeing what you make with them! That red and white fabric reminds me of a quilt described in a book I read last year, “The Aloha Quilt” by Jennifer Chiaverini. I love her stories.

    Anyway, it looks like you have a lot of work cut out for you for tomorrow! Good luck!

    Carol (NJ)

  2. Good to hear you had a good shopping day and bought some treasures home!!!! Good for you to buy something for the Santa giveaway program!!!


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