Monday, December 5, 2011


Well--look at this "ball" of yarn that is still on the needles--

Hummmmmmm--wonder what 'Di' is working on now????
Ohhhhh--a pretty neck shawl for holidays---
the yarn has some gold threads through it too--fancy!!!

And this baby sweater that 'she' is trying to do--
Boy--- has the teacher and Di been having fun trying to understand the directions--
but after 3 try's I think we got us a 'back' done---
Now on to 2 fronts and 2 sleeves---ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
this may have to wait until after the holidays--
we will see????

I stopped in the Country shop for something else--
but looky what came out with me--
I am sooooo in love with this tin box--
Oh--the the thing I went in for--
fits soooo nicely inside--
these chocolate covered pretzels are to 'die' for--
thick and rich and ahhhhhh--so sweet!!!!!
And I did get some decorating done--
New little white tree is up and I have some red and white things on it--
see those candy canes they hopped into my wagon at Joann's while in the check out line--
but are perfect on the tree for a $1 a package!!!
Two new angels that came home with me last week from the country shop--
(someone needs to tell Di that she needs to take off there tags from around there necks???)
and look at these snowmen ornaments--there 'bottoms' are fancy blubs--
these are hand made and also came from the Country shop!!!

I need to make the white fabric into a table covering that is under the yo-yo quilt--
and I ended up making the tiers for the curtains at the window as the one I got at Sears--
well, somehow a 24" came home instead of a 36" length--don't know 'who' would goof like that!!!!
and I need a second valance when I take the tiers back--so we are on a roll here!!!
Now to finish the rest of the decorating--whatever that may be????
Today was grocery day--
then Knitting class this afternoon--
so no sewing got done again!!!!!
You all be good and sew for me this week--
it is one of those 'busy' here and there weeks for me!!!
Will I ever get to my sewing room--that is the question of the week!!!!
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie


  1. Whew! I am tired, you are soooo busy! Lovely colors & creations.

    Have a lovely week ~
    TTFN ~

    PS Pop over for our GIVEAWAY

  2. Love your white tree, and red and white decorations!! Looks like you're almost ready for the big day.

  3. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....
    I like that tin ... and the snowmen are so cute :-)

  4. Di, you always make me so tired reading all the running around you do! But you always have such lovely items to show off! That little white tree really spices up your apartment! I love that yo-yo table covering too! Perfect under the tree!

    Glad you and teacher figured out how to decipher the instructions for the baby sweater. Cute! Can’t wait to see the finished shawl too. You are so talented!

    Carol (NJ)

  5. The yo-yo quilt and the little white Christmas tree are just a perfect combination for the table!! Nice shawl too, good for you in persisting with your knitting!!!


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