Sunday, December 11, 2011


So I had to get up out of my rocking chair and work--
It is nice in a way--that something 'forces' me to get out of that chair--
cause for the last two days I have worked on more Christmas decorating--
Got the old wood cupboard about done--
How do you like the bottom shelf????
it is my 'candy' shelf--
It is hard though to really find just red and white candy--
at least around here!!!!!
then I worked on the little childs cupboard--
Here is my two favorite Angels on the top of it--
and the heart Christmas sign is one that I painted many years ago--
Here is the top half of the cupboard--
Hitty got moved up and got her palor all decorated for the holidays too--
Here is her tree all decorated and look at the gifts under that tree!!!!!!
and she even has her stockings hung at the fireplace!!!
Years and Years ago--lil sister and I made shadow boxes and we put these fireplaces in them--
I got rid of the shadow box for some reason a long time ago--
but that fireplace is a favorite of mine--we did the chenille rope and tiny poms on the fireplace back then too--
and at the top of the tree we each had back then, was this angel--
she is very small and is just a bead with some lace glued under it for her dress with some wings and a halo--she is also a favorite of mine at this time of the year!!!
Oh and did you notice the little mouse at the bottom right hand corner of the fireplace--
that was glued on too in the original making of the fireplace!!!

I did get some work done toooo--
got another 'tiny' mitten knitted and a sock knitted!!!!
got the second angel redwork piece done--
now to decide how to finish them?????

OK--we are all waiting to see who 'wins' the M & M challenge--
First though==no body guessed my favorite--
some were close with the original ones--but I think I really usually got the peanut nut ones--
but now I am hooked on the pretzel ones--I get my sweet and salty fix at the same time!!!!
I rarely eat them though as I am very much against food coloring-----
Ok==here goes---I am drawing the name now--
And the winner is:::::::Sunny---oh my--
what a funny thing that is--my post is about the sun and "Sunny" wins--way to go Sunny!!!
Oh and I have not heard of the cinnamon ones--but there is coconut ones I had forgotten about--
don't care for them--too sweet for me!!!
and Miss Gracie!!!


  1. Di, your house looks so inviting! I read your blog and feel very Christmas-y. :-D

    Congrats to Sunny! Enjoy!

    Carol (NJ)

  2. Hey, my name is Sunny!!!! I love all your decorating, Di. Feel free to come to my house to do some decorating.

  3. Oh my Di! Love all of your vignettes!!! Hitty looks so comfy in her Christmas setting! The rug in front of the fireplace is precious...did you knit or crochet it?

    Hugs, Carolyn :)

  4. Just love all your decorations, your cupboards looks so festive, love that little angel on top of the teeny weeny tree too!!!
    Congratultions to Sunny!!!!

  5. Love your decorations. Such a warm homey feeling to them. I also love your redwork angel sock. You have really been busy!

  6. A beautiful collection of Christmas decorations and memories! Thanks for sharing them:)

  7. The redwork angel is oh so cute.


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