Wednesday, January 25, 2012

HO HO DAY 2---

My little Christmas elves are being alittle 'quiet'--
are you working this month on a Christmas project--
remember I did say there would be a 'prize' every month--
and it is still open if anyone else would like to join us!!

Here's what meself did today---
I finally finally got to play with that 60 degree ruler--
the one I bought 2 Christmas's ago--
This is the first one I did--
and I did it fine the first time--
even cut the 2 end angles in the right direction--
This is number 2--and yes--I goofed on this one--so it is shorter than it was to be!!!
cut the one end at the wrong angle--
and then I got really 'bad' and started playing around-
and came up with these 2--
These are part of the sets that you cut and then 'disregard'!!
and I actually liked doing these better--the smaller one is planned out--
so the designs are more spaced!!!
and here is the third one--
This was only a one yard cut--instead of the one and half they call for--
but discovered that I could get 3 rows cut and in thinking that the 3rd row would give me the end cuts I did it that way--
but Surprise Di--I could only get one cut--
so this is much smaller than planned--but I like this one the best in the fact that the rows match up nicely--and I have discovered that not all   border prints are created 'equal' and will work with this pattern!!!!
Oh and here is the 'boss' inspecting my seams--
goofy cat!!!!
I did get some more applique done on the pillow tops--
did get the star stitched on this one now and the teddy bear one is nearly done--
but I have a decision to make on these and need some help--
I can make these into pillows, or I could make them into wall hangings or I could make them into tote bags???
These are for gifts--so if you where to get one this next Christmas--
which way would you like them==
wall hanging--

Well that's it for this program--
did have fun today--hope to do some more things tomorrow--
so tune in again and see what is up!!!!!

Hugs, Di and the 'inspector'--Miss Gracie


  1. Your runners are wonderful! Well done! :0)

  2. I like those runners...Miss Gracie picked out my favourite one. Please give her a scratch behind the ear for me. xx

  3. You sure are busy stitching all the Christmas projects. I am finishing off my.Will post tomorrow.

  4. I must admit I haven't started yet . . . but hopefully after the remodel of the sewing room I will! I will keep following your progress for inspiration!

  5. Your table runners look great, what a great tool! Miss Gracie is sitting on the one I like best!!
    I think a wall hanging would be nice!! Can you show that table-runner cutting tool sometime, I don't believe I have seen anything that does that!!


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