Monday, January 2, 2012


Those gals--Sinta and Sherri are doing another year of the Schnibbles--
and I could not resist--
and would you believe this is the first pattern for Jan.
They chose Full House--
and I have been just 'dying' to make this one--
in fact I got the pattern about 6 weeks ago--
so now I have NO excuse--
and even have the 'perfect' fabric for it--
Full Circle--have one charm pack-but also have boughten some of the fabrics in larger pieces--
so will have plenty---and for the roof background fabric, I am using some of the Primitive Muslin charm pack--in fact--I started already on this one today--
cut all 18 -- 4x4 inch background pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!

So who else is joining in on this one?????

also did my counted cross stitch Day 2 start--
more on that at the 'other' channel!

And I hear that at least the east coast is in for a very very cold day tomorrow--
our High in NY is to be a whole 14 degrees---ouch!!!!!
Hugs, Di and a 'warm' kitty--Miss Gracie
PS--one white mouse is missing?????


  1. And I thought we were going to be cold here in Georgia!!! brrrr! You are really cold. It is suppose to be 20 degrees here tonight but warm up to 30 tomorrow I think! Love your projects!!!

  2. Have fun with your little houses. I'd love to join in, but I have too many others on my to-do list, and not enought time to do them all. A real mouse?

  3. Perfect weather for staying home and building houses.
    I love the Full Circle, should look really nice.
    You are already sewing up a storm and the year has only just begone--I think I see a very productive 2012 for you.

  4. Oh How I would love to join in. Houses are one of my favorites but like Sunny I have soooooooo many things to catch up on.

  5. The Full House project looks just darling!! Love your fabric selections!!! Stay cosy inside!!!!!

  6. Oh man, I wanted to join in on the fun but like Sunny there are other things I'd like to cross off my list. At least I can find joy in watching you make your! Have fun!

    Happy New Year!

  7. Keep to your resolutions, Di. That project with the houses looks adorable!

    It's darn COLD outside with that wind just buffeting everything! Stay inside and sew to your heart's content! lol

    Carol (NJ)

  8. I am joining in on the Schnibbles fun again this year too! I already made my little Full House (around the block) and can't wait for the parade!


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