Saturday, January 14, 2012


was I a good girl????
Big question here???

You see I did not work on any Valentines projects==
prepping or anything--
so I was 'bad'!!???

but I did finish this==
this morning--
I mean I would of had to move the parts I had cut for this, in order to do any other work--
then I would of had to relocate them sometime next week to finish it--
It just seemed 'simpler' to just go ahead and finish this one, then all the leftover fabrics for this project can get put away and then the cutting, and sewing area's are cleaned up for the next project--
So I was good--!!???? Right????

And it was day 14 of the Crazy Challenge and that is my afternoon time for these last two weeks--
we are nearly finished with this challenge --but then what????
does the counted cross stitch fairies come in and finish all these "works in progress"--

or do we just put them in a drawer until ???????? whenever??????

I am also spending some time each day at hand quilting--
and remember this is the quilt I am presently working on--
Here is part of one row--3 hearts--
I just love this quilt and can't understand 'why' I haven't gotten this done way before this--
see some of the fabrics even have a little sheen to them--
and I love these colors--
tell me why I just made two quilt tops in red, black, and a tan??????
and what am I suppose to do with them??????

Have a great Sunday--
Hugs, Di and a kitty who loves pink tooooo!!!!


  1. I think you have been very good.
    I have gone swimming today,had coffee with friends, mopped the floor and now I am blogging.
    No sewing so far.

  2. Di, you had an excellent day! Good for you!

    Carol (NJ)

  3. looks like a great day. I love that tan and red range you have been using, we only managed to get parts of the range of it here which was a shame. Good to see what you are doing with it.


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