Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Two new flowers did 'leap' up from the garden--
so that makes '5' new flowers for my garden this month--
great for me!!!!

Other wise--
I just kept 'leaping' into my rocking chair today to---
read a book on my Kindle--
and it is a good one--so gotta get this done
 and visit some of you and then back to this--
Hugs, Di and that miss gracie

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


should we or shouldn't we??????
could we or couldn't we ??????
would you or wouldn't you?????

Wrong kind of dog ears--
I mean these kinds--
You know the little 'ears' that you cut off these--
so you can fold these back--

and press them like this--
So do you keep those little 'ears'?????
I have to say that for that small of ones-
I have not kept them--
but then I got this book in the mail yesterday--
front cover--
back cover--
love some of these designs--
thought they were full sized quilts--
only to learn that they are miniature ones--
In the reading I learned that the author keeps all scraps that are 1"x1" or larger--
any thing smaller does find it's way to the waste basket or ????
the book though is on paper piecing with these little bits--
so to make a long story short or at least shorter--
when I was cutting those 'ears' off today--
I decided to try something--
and just see if I sewed two of them together what size square I would get--
And look at these--once squared up they are 1 1/2" x 1 1/2"--
that is a nice workable size --might make a cute Christmas doll quilt or candle mat or mug rug!!!!
So I did keep the pile today and I will be sewing them up as leaders and enders when I need something new to use for that project!!
So my answer is for today anyways--
Is yes I will keep the dog ears!!!
Or bunny 'ears'--what ever you call those little bits of fabric!!!!!

Hugs, Di and miss gracie 

Monday, February 27, 2012


Just not  sure where I am going!!!!
But look at what I got 'finished' today!!!
First up is this little quilt--
It just 'kept' calling my name and 'she' promised me it would not take long to finish her!!!!
So this morning I gently picked her up and said--"lets see what we can do"--
First I decided to just tie 'her' instead of quilting--
I think that is how little girls would do it--
did that and then into the workshop it went--
came back out and with alittle more hand work--
we now have this--
One more finish--and a start--all in the same month--wow!!!!!

Next up-- was this project--
 It's a face cover--
no, it's a hat--
no, its a purse, inside out--
no, sillies--it is this--
a counted cross stitch "ufo" that is now finished--
one year late--but a finish--I made it into a container--
could set a pot of flowers down in it, or Easter grass and some eggs,
or whatever!!!!!

Then it was this one turn--
Yep-- it is all done too!!!
Got the embroidery work done yesterday--
today I made in into a flat pillow--
it is long--32 Inches I believe but only about 12 inches wide--
I doubt that I would ever find a frame for  it and decided this way would be lot easier to store it--
yet, I sure hate to put it up on a shelf--may have to leave it out for awhile!!!!

So this is 3 more finishes for this month--(Alice--see I am on a race!!!)
and it feels good--
and I know I should have at least one more and hopefully two more--
Oh I would love to get 3 more done in lets see==2 more days, plus the rest of this evening--

Have a great day tomorrow--
Hugs, Di and that Miss Gracie!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


That you cleaned up your "pin cushions"????
I have a large collection of sewing pins--
and I use different ones for different things--
and therefore it seemed that all my pincushions had an assortment of each of the pins--
but each one did not have enough of which ever one I wanted to use on that project!!!!
Still with me???
so today I got them all out and 'unloaded' all the pins from each one--
then put just one kind of pin back into each one!!
So I am already to sew some more!!
and here is the little corner shelf where I keep them all--
it is right over my cutting table--
On the cutting table today--
I did do some clean up from yesterdays, twister quilt--
the colored pile is now squared up 4 1/2" blocks--they are what is left from the center of your cutting the twister blocks--and the white pile is the border scraps and I have them cut into 4 1/2" triangles--
now I am not sure how I will use these two sets==but they are ready for whenever an idea might just pop into this brain of mine!!!!
Here is all that is left--
From that quilt--so there really is very little waste--the pile on the right did end up in the waste basket--but those on the left still might be large enough for something--so went into my scrap basket!!!
So my 'friends' what kind of trouble did you get into this week end!!??????
Hugs, Di and miss gracie--

OHHHH--I did get a couple other finishes done--
but now I need to finish the finishes--
so stayed tuned for the final showing--
hopefully tomorrow!!!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


And they put 'me' right to work--
Here's a peak at what they had on the schedule for me today--!!!!
Another twister quilt--
this time with 10" layer cake for Christmas!!!!
I have to say--these are so funny--
I mean you make one large quilt, first--
You use this ruler and cut the large quilt all up--one square at a time--
 and then you sew it back together--
and you get this--
now I did discover that one does need to be careful on these--
I did good except I did not realize that the off white blocks with the prints looked so much alike--
so it is hard to see the design in that row--
the other neat thing is--you can enjoy this quilt in either direction--
the top photo is how I had it planned--but it looks good this way too!!!
This took from 11 am to 4 pm to build, both quilts!!!
now for the backing and batting and basting--who is going to 'volunteer' to do that for me??????

And Miss Gracie was alittle better to me today--
and I got some more done on the wool project--
(oh the wavy line is a 'you know what' of Miss Gracies--but we will just believe that it is a shooting star for now--OK?????? 
It is coming--though I had hoped it would be finished by tonight--
oh well--
I am going to keep working on this though until it is done--
I have alot of wool spring and other wool projects to do--
so that will be my insensitive to get this finished!!!!!!

and so what did you work on this week end???????
Hugs, Di and that good girl--Miss Gracie

Friday, February 24, 2012


Christmas today for my sewing adventure--

Was overcast all day and a bit rainy off and on--
and on the chilly side--that was outside--
in here, Miss Gracie and I were nice and warm--
and for whatever reason that darn cat had to be where ever I was today--
she followed me around like a little 'puppy' dog!!!!

Back in the sewingroomSanta's work shop--
I continued to work on this --
I only did up sections of 4 fans today--there is enough here for 6 more plates--
but--I am not sure just how I want this quilt to go yet--so by sewing them this way I will have some options open to me as I think about this one--

On the wool project I am here now--
There is a couple pins in the lamb as he is not finished yet--
thanks to Miss Gracie--
how did she know that I planned on working on this in the afternoon while she is suppose to be in the bedroom "sleeping" so that she does not jump up on my lap and get this all cat hair????
But no, as soon as I came out here to stitch, out she came----
I have to use a couple sheets of this roller to clean this off every night for the photo's--
thanks to Miss Gracie jumping on my lap when I am not looking!!!!!!!
Silly cat!!!!!

 Hugs, Di and that silly cat--Miss Gracie

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I worked on Christmas--
that's me--always doing the opposite of whatever!!!!!!!

Now I went to the sewing room and pulled out my Christmas tote to get the fabric that I had 'planned' on making up today--
Only something else jumped into my hands instead--
a jelly roll--
I took 3 strips and sewed them together and then cut them--
and sewed them back together and this is what I got---
a pretty Dresden plate circle--
liked it--so cut the rest of the strips up--
Now if the little elves would come in and sew these up into plates--
I could pull out the fabric that I had intended to work with today!!!!!!

and in the afternoon -- later--
I worked on this project--
Remember more than a month ago I got all the wool pieces ready for this one???
and I then got this far--
after today's workings I am now this far--
the star is on and the little leaves are on the vines--
next I finally get to start putting the 'people' together!!!

Oh--I also had gotten the first stitching done on the 'extra' project with the Valentines fabrics--so pressed them and cut them so I could continue sewing those for my "leaders and enders"--
and that did take some time this morning, too!!!

Ohhhhhh--I almost forgot the most important news--
I heard song birds singing today outside--
and then a little later I seen a  flock of birds landing and eating in the lot across the street--
Oh how I have missed hearing the birds sing this winter!!

 Hugs, Di and her baby--Miss Gracie

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