Wednesday, March 7, 2012


my flowers are just pretty petals right now--
did these while I did laundry down at the laundry room today--
my 'eyes' where too tired to stitch the petals right now--
so sooooon??????

And Pink Betty was a humming away again today--
Today I finally--
finally put these bom blocks together--
I did these blocks a couple years ago--
and they have waited patiently for me to put them all together--
I loved embroidering them and loved them when they were done--
and now I love them all over again and really really wonder why it took me so long to make them into a small quilt??????????
I used a jelly roll of Dogwood for the lattice--
only I had to cut them to 1 1/2" wide--!!!!!

Yesterday was my Anne's day here--
we did hand quilt for an hour,
then she took me grocery shopping--
so now Miss Gracie and I can 'hole' up in here and keep on working for while!!!!
And what is on the 'plan' for tomorrow??????
Hummmm--you will just have to 'tune' in to see!!!!!
OH-- and of course that lovely Miss Gracie!!!


  1. Very nice!! Love the "stitchery" quilt

  2. Oooh pretty!! You can pretend you are a flower girl and throw petals around. I think I have 2 1/2 blocks left to do in VV's. Need to pull those out--I love it too.

  3. Nice petals and I am sure they will be flowers soon.
    Love the stitcheries you have made into a quilt. You have done well as my are still in a folder on my computer waiting to be downloaded. Had forgotten about them. thanks for the reminder.

  4. just reading this post on Thurs. morning...can't wait to see what happened today! lol

    I'm going to mom's for the day, so no sewing for me.

    Have a great day, Di! And Hugs to Miss Gracie!

    Carol (NJ)

  5. Being able to hole up a while longer is a good thing! Oh that is a charming stitchery quilt for sure. Will be lovely on your wall for Spring.

  6. Well I just can't wait to see what you will be up to next! I love it when you find something you did and set it aside and almost forgot about it - and when you pull it out you fall in love all over again! I'm excited for you!! Kiss Miss Gracie for me!

  7. Those stitcheries are gorgeous, such a lot of detail too, very nice!! Glad that you re-fell in love with them after all this time!!

  8. Your Verandah Views top looks great! I was so glad when I finally got mine put together! :0)

  9. Hi, I just wanted to leave you a quick message to let you know I love your blog and especially this adorable embroidery work on this quilt. Thank you for sharing. Recently I have been really attracted to embroidery, I just finished a gift for a co-worker and plan to post it on my blog. Actually this isn't a quick message at all is it!!


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