Friday, March 2, 2012


After 2 days of doing this or that or nothing--
(well--we need to scratch the word 'nothing' as Di is always doing something!!!!)
anyways where was I???

Oh--got back into the swing of things today--
and cleaned house--
then played in the sewing room--
First thing I did was make a block for the Temecula quilt March bom--
they are doing a block each Thursday during March--
and as I missed the Christmas one--I just had to do this one--
here is mine--
Now sure if this is the way I will go--with a sewing theme or not--
we will see what block 2 is !!!!
this block is fun to make!!!

Then I tackled the doll quilt of the month --
this month is the basket quilt--
and I got so excited today matching up some charm squares to make it--
then discovered that "Kathy" had just used regular pieces of fabric--
I was bummed for awhile == then I got to thinking and did some math--
and I can get the baskets and background pieces from the charm squares--
here is my 'first' attempt-
Hummm--close but not quite right--
let's try again-
it is better--the bottom half is ok now--but the handle is to full on the bottom side--
maybe I need to make it a little narrower--I am using a bias strip maker and am hand appliqueing them down--
so tomorrow we will play a bit more and then we will do them!!!!

And I forgot to show you my new 'toys' I got me yesterday!!!!
Love all these quilts on the front page and the one with the orange windmill is by 'Me and My sister'--
I have an older line of there's I will use to make this one--someday!!!
and I love that 30's one under it and I have a shelf of '30's' that keep calling my name--sooo????

But this week end is a 'prep' week end--
got some block of the months that have hand work to them, 
so want to get them all ready for that--????

I am so sad for all those folks who are losing there homes and business's and lives out there in the tornado zones today and this past week--my heart is there even if I can't be.

Happy stitching this week end--
Hugs, Di and a goofy miss gracie!!!!  


  1. OK, I am worn out just reading what you have done and what you are going to get done.
    Have fun with it all!!!

  2. I'm really liking those baskets. I agree with your idea to make the handle a little more narrow, but these are darling and should be used for quilt, maybe? You know, one that a little tyke can drag around. They are just so cute!

  3. Your little Basket blocks are just so cute, I wasn't going to bother, but after seeing yours I'll take another look at the pattern!!
    I have just seen the evening news and those twisters in the US are beyond belief, unimaginable. I read where one dear old fellow was reunited with his dog, who looked pretty frekked out!! I always think about the animals too, it must have been terrifying! Here, the States of New Sout Wales, and Victoria are flooded, an area the size of France! whole towns are being evacuated, and lots of rural people are isolated, it's quite frightening. At least up here on the North Coast we (who usually get flooding) are being spared at this time! Yes, a lot to be grateful for, so many people have lost homes, in one way or another, my heart goes out to them all.

  4. I may have to do one of those kinds of basket blocks for runners for my living room for Easter maybe.You go gal! My daughter came thru ok just some high winds and hail as of our last convo yesterday. Just horrible. Hot weather is not boding well for again this year it seems!

  5. Love your new magazines Di. I've been looking for some new one's, but the book store is being lazy with getting them on the shelves! Poo!

    It is so sad about all the people losing their homes. Those storms are frightening. Makes me cry to see the folks.


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