Tuesday, March 20, 2012


and I learned a couple new things today--
isn't it great when one learns new things about something that one has been using for awhile?????
One thing was about 'Pink Betty'

Today was my friend Anne's day to come--
she had brought me a 1/4" sewing foot,
so we went in to try it out on the machine--
it did fit--or would have if I had known what I was doing--
but to back up here a bit--I said this machine I was unable to reposition the needle--
but--this is what I learned--
Anne showed me where it was--it's a dial on top of the machine--
and it works great--so with some adjusting we got the machine to do a perfect--
yep, perfect quilter's 1/4 inch--
and now I don't need so much messy tape--
and here is some blocks I did this afternoon on 'her'--
Can you guess what I am working on and with what line of fabric????
and I mean these babies came out perfect--
I am one very happy camper!!!!

And later this afternoon when I was playing with the 'big boy' camera again--
I did learn a couple more things on operating it--!!!!
so here is some more photos for you to enjoy--
My first flower to bloom in my garden--
Can you believe these--there was not even buds on here a couple days ago!!!
decided you needed another 'clearer' picture for you reading pleasure!!!!
and look who came to great me----
My 'duck' fans--
and here is some close ups of them--
He is just soooo beautiful/handsome!!!
It looked like he was standing guard while his 'wife' was searching for bugs!!!
I did not need a long scope for these pictures--I could of reached down and petted them--
that is how happy they are with my photo talent!!!!!
but I did use it on this photo--I was standing at the end of the pier and this looks out at the length of the lake--
and here is the stone wall to my right--
I still have not walked on this--
I need someone to come and hold my hand while I do it the first time!!!

Well--that's all from this reporter/photographer's desk for tonight!!!
Have a great 'stitchy' kind of day--
Guess who?????


  1. Woo hoo for the 1/4 foot!
    Love all those photos Di!

  2. Love your little blocks!!! And more cool photos. This weather is perfect for being outside seeing the sights.

  3. The 1/4 " is definitely a favourite! Pretty blocks, Di.
    Very handsome duck - he was really showing off for you!
    I twiddled some knobs on my camera and had to get my son to help me put it back to "normal" ....

  4. Glad Pink Betty is getting "adjusted"! lol

    Cool photos! We went to our county park and I saw a swan in the bay!

    Carol (NJ)

  5. Love my 1/4 foot!Lovely place you live right on the lake!

  6. Beautiful pictures! I love the ducks. The blocks you're working on look great! xo Jen

  7. I'm glad you learned something new about your sewing machine! I bet you love it just a bit more than you did before!!! Lovely photos of the ducks too, they are a cute pair~~~


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