Saturday, March 3, 2012


Completely 'insane'!!!
I want to know 'why' I can not do things the normal way????
Why do I think I always have to change something????
As I said yesterday--
I want to make my 'basket' quilt with some charm squares--
shouldn't be a problem--I know that they are large enough--
just need to figure out the measurements using them, instead of larger pieces of cloth--
Well--after spending nearly alllllll day at it--
here is my 'trial and error' pile---
I have one large pile of miss cut and missed sewed scraps!!!!
I finally had to look at the whole mess and found one I liked --
and I went with that pattern of measurements and here is what I finally ended up with for today's work---
5 little 4 1/2 x 4 1/2" blocks--
the camera makes them look a little funky--sorry about that!!!!!

I also worked on doing up the 'Spinwheel' block for the quilt of--
Me and My sister in the Quick Quilts magazine--
Had some better luck with this one--
Their blocks are 8x8 and mine will be 6x6 when done--
again cause this 'chick' thinks she wants to use charm packs instead of yardage!!!!!
Now is that not one wild block for me to do!!!!!!??????????????

It has been on the real windy side here today, but mostly sunny until just a while ago--
It is now overcast--our temp today was 50 degrees and they are saying 'snow' for tonight!!!
Oh well--I can sew whether the sun is shining, raining out or snowing out and wind is howling--
so it really doesn't matter to me--yet!!!!!!!

Hope all of you are safe and that all is well with everyone--
and that all of you are at your sewing machines just letting them hum along!!!!
Hugs, Di and that Miss Gracie


  1. Insane or not--everything is looking good! Another busy day at Miss Gracie's place I see.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I am guilty of doing the same thing. Tons of wind here today too

  3. Your complicated pinwheel looks nice!
    And I`m sure your 5 baskets will end up in a super quilt :-)

  4. looks pretty so far. sometimes crazy is good and kinda fun! :)

  5. Your little basket blocks look just lovely Di! I'll be interested to see how you secure the handles, looks like you are aiming for a 3D effect!

  6. Re your basket blocks. What fabrics did you use? They are just gorgeous. Are they the William Morris ones from Barbara Brackman? Great job.


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