Sunday, March 25, 2012



So I have been in the sewing room most of the day--
first I got a counted cross stitch design finished off--
Then I got these four embroideries sewed together--
I did these in blue thread--
this is a Bird Brain pattern and I have wanted to made them for awhile now!!!!
they do need some stuffing yet--
and I know how I want to display them--
so we are on a 'roll' here!!!!

Then as there is large tree right outside the sewing room window and my ironing board is in front of the window--
I had to run out here for the big boy camera--
here is why---
I seen and heard a woodpecker--
But he/she moves around that tree so fast--
but I am excited that I got this good of a picture of him/her!!!!

Spent the rest of the afternoon working on the Schnibbles 'T' quilt top--
I am happy to say that all the 'T' blocks are done and are now all sewed into the center square--
and 'yes' Di did it her way!!!!!
the inner and outter borders are ready--
but Di's tummy was shoutin for me to 'feed' it--
so I quit for today---
but hopefully we will get this top all finished tomorrow and get the cutting area cleaned up--
cause there is more 'projects' just waiting there turn!!!!!
And I forgot I think to tell you that I was a 'big' girl when I went to the dentist on Friday!!!!
I had to get two teeth redone with new fillings--
and I 'braved' it out with out that nasty tasting shots--
so no swollen cheeks for me this time--
and on the way home, my girl friend and I had our first 'tasty freeze' of the season!!!!
Well--that's all blog friends for today--
see ya tomorrow!!!!!
Hugs, Di and----
 Miss Gracie--who is 'bird' watching tooooo!!!!


  1. You've been very productive - I'm loving the T blocks for the Schnibble. I worked on mine today. Have a great week!

  2. Love the little ornaments--can't wait to see what you are going to do with them.
    And congrats on finishing all those T's and your pretty little sampler.
    You have been very busy as usual.
    Miss Gracie has the best seat in the house it looks like.
    Lucky girl.

  3. I love the photo of miss Gracie bird watching - I can just see her tail going back and forth.
    The embroidered ornaments are cute.
    Have a nice sewing day!

  4. Glad you were brave at the dentist - I hate having injections too, so never do! You are making a lot of headway with your projects there, I love your T-blocks, can't wait to see them all sewn together!! Give that Miss Gracie a little cuddle for me won't you!!


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