Saturday, March 17, 2012


I was unable to post yesterday--
But that did not mean that I did not get alot done!!!!!
So here goes--
on the "Fashion" runway we have--
A birdhouse quilt all sewed together--
there was 10 houses all together that I got done--
so picked out 6 for me a quilt top and will give my Anne the rest for her hospice quilts!!
This is the first time that I ever used a bright busy back ground and I like it--
I do have to applique some birds on it now--
I mean you can't have birdhouses without birds!!!!!!!!!!

was these blocks--
and I cheated and just put the blocks together and did not add any lattice between them--
and I really like it this way--and I kept the border simple too!!

was this cute one--
there is some work in the blocks--
applique and embroidery--another fun one!!
again there was more blocks--
but I do have a plan for the other 3!!!
Was this one--again I did not use all the blocks--
one can only have just so many sorta square wall hangings--
these will go outside my door to hang when they are finished--
course, I don't know what 'year' that will be!!!!!
I thought this one looked nice again with no lattice between the blocks!!!
Oh and the quilt is straight--
the photographer laid it out crooked or took the photo crooked!!!!!
some do not look very 'pressed' but I could not see spending alot of time in the pressing department,
as they will be 'in line' for finishing for awhile I am sure--
this is where I store them for now--
On my bedroom door!!!!
there is alot of "newly" put together quilts here right now!!!!

So, I did have that Pink Betty just a hummin again yesterday--
so I haven't dare go near her all day today!!!!!!!

Hope you all had a great Saturday--
oh--what did I do today--
well, you will just have to come back tomorrow to see????
Hugs, Di and a lucky cat!!!


  1. All your quilts are gorgeous. You have certainly earned a break. Enjoy the nice weather.

  2. Wow Di, you've gotten so much done! I'm impressed. I love all your applique and embroidery. Everything looks great! xo Jen

  3. My goodness, Di, you are just buzzin' along! I love that birdhouse quilt too!

    Enjoy your break.

    Carol (NJ)

  4. Wow! You are really on a roll. Love all your projects. Nola

  5. OMGoodness Di you are doing sew well. Love them all especially the birdhouses.

  6. I am truly amazed at how much you have gotten done, and it is all wonderful. I would do birds with the birdhouses too, I love birds and birdhouses - you will find quite a few around my home!

  7. OMG!!! How many projects can you make at the same time? And all of them so beautiful. Love them all!

  8. I can tell you love embroidery! Your projects all have such a personal touch to them with the different stitchery designs! I like the idea of door-hangings too, for the different seasons!!!


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