Thursday, March 1, 2012


Look what I bought home to play with from Walmart today???
Ok Di--that does not look like something for you--
but do you suppose that Miss Gracie would like it????
Well--let's see--
Hey--Mom what's this do????
Well--I know what to do with the center of it--
especially since you sprinkled that catnip on it!!!!
and I bet that white ball is to be played with tooooo--
Thanks Mom--this is one neat toy!!!
Love, Miss Gracie


  1. It looks like fun! Your Schnibble quilt is lovely :-)

  2. Now that should keep Miss Gracie off your back about housework for a while LOL!!!! Hopefully she'll be too busy with that white ball to notice the odd bit of untidiness!!!! Have a great weekend!!!


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