Thursday, March 15, 2012


'a' stitching up a storm again today!!!
We got not one, but two more quilt tops sewed together---
the first one was the 'Brutus' one--
This was a bit of challenge--
for some reason I never seem to get the instructions on the 'putting them together'--
so I just started out by figuring out the sizes of the block--
and I ended up with 3 sizes for this one--
6",7",8" finished --oh dear me!!!!
but if you study the picture you can see that it came out great--
and I did not even have a plan --
it just evolved right into this top--
with all the blocks finishing at 8"--
I used Bunny Hill jelly roll strips for this one!!
-- one thing that is hard to make out is the dots on the brown fabric border are blue!!!

then we had lunch break--
Miss Gracie--
always makes me take a lunch break==
she says I get 'short tempered' when I don't!!!

and then I worked on this one that my friends designed--
Joy and Alice--
this one was much easier as all the blocks could be cut the same size--
I chose to make mine 6" finished--
you know me and my limited wall space!!!
I used the Dogwood line in a jelly roll that was left over from another project--
and the outer border is a Sunkissed fabric and is tiny strips!!!

I finished reading a book on my kindle last night too--
"When I Found You" by Catherine Ryan Hyde--
really enjoyed this book--Thanks Bonnie !!

And I got my February's Christmas ornament done--
I chose to stitch a Charlie Brown type Christmas tree--
just love how this one came out!!!
I am still working on a couple ideas on how I want to finish these into ornaments for Christmas!!!
Do you have any ideas to share with me????
Well--that's all for tonight blog friends--
Keep those 'needles' moving!!!
Hugs, Di and her bossy cat--
Miss Gracie


  1. I wish I had my "Brutus" stitcheries done. I love how your quilt turned out. Maybe one day I'll get my quilt done. You are getting so much accomplished. And your Charlie Brown Christmas tree makes me smile.

  2. All pretty Spring projects! Well not the ornie! Still cute! ;-)That Gracie is a kitty doll!


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