Sunday, March 4, 2012


It was a productive day here--
don't know what got into me--
but 'looky' at this--
now is this not a lovely 'picture'????
these little bits came from trimming these--
they are ready for another step as leaders and enders!!!

these got stitched into blocks--
had planned to maybe use these as leaders too--
but they were really too large and I did not want them sitting around--
so I just stitched them together--
they will get put- up for now--until I decide on what to embroider in the white centers--
I have one idea--will see!!!!

I got the other '7' of these stitched--
I am going to applique the handles down on them--
then on to putting them together into a dolly quilt top!!


These got designed and sewed together--
only had one done--so did the other '11' today--
had me a line-up going along like a factory for these today!!!

and --
this is all I have left--
so at least I did not run out of them--
these may go in the quilt yet==borders or something????

remember these--
they are still be worked on--
they went from singles to doubles-
to 4 patches and now they are going to 8 patches!!!
still using them for leaders and enders when I don't have something else to use!!!!
and I have a pretty good idea what I will do with these-soooo!!!!!

Oh who is 'Pink Betty'--
my sewing machine, of course!!!!
And I had to laugh at the sun today!!!
 It would come out and shine--
then it would cloud over and do this--
and everything would turn white--
then 'he' would come out again--

and then it would cloud over --

the 'two' of them 'fought' all day!!!!!

Hugs, to all---
Di and Miss Gracie



  1. Wow - your machine must have been smoking - LOL! You've had quite a productive day -so many pretty fabrics. Happy stitching!

  2. Wow! You were just sewing away today. Love all your projects. Especially the dresden blocks.

  3. Well done day, Di! Must make you very pleased at the end of each day to see so much accomplished!

    Carol (NJ)

  4. Your doing some great work there Di! I especially love your Dresden plate blocks, they are so inspiring, I'm itching to do some in our Quiltbee group soon, but we have to finish our current project first!


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