Friday, March 9, 2012


Boy once you get that 'Pink Betty' runnin--
she don't know enough to stop!!!!
But 'her' and I had a bit of a discussion this morning--
I told her we had to figure out the right 1/4 inch stitching line--
and then work with it--
we fiddled around for a bit--
and now this 'operator' is happy to say--Bingo!!!!
Here is what we created today--
here is one half of the Sunbonnet sues
Here is the other half--
here is--
and somehow I did get my rows mixed up--
wanted row 3 to be row 4--but, Oh well!!!!!!
I have alot of work yet to do on these blocks--
embroidery touches and lots of buttons--
but the buttons have to wait until it is quilted--
and who knows when that will happen?????

After a lunch break--
Pink Betty decided she did not like seeing the black and white blocks sitting around--
so she talked me into putting them together now into a top--
so here is what we did with them--
see all the pretty butterfly's on the border print???
and I set these up differently--
can you see what I did that is different???????

and two more flowers are now in the garden!!!!

Tomorrow is gonna sorta be a day off--
at least for 'Pink Betty' I hope--
gonna take 'stock' of what is left to finish into quilt tops--
I know of at least 4-5 more projects where the blocks are all finished--
just need to put them into tops---
then will see what is 'unfinished' and what still needs to be completed!!!!
and I hope to finish the Harrington and Hannah block for Feb--
and finish a counted cross stitch, and maybe even read a book--
so have the Kindle plugged into the computer--getting that battery up to full par!!!!!!

And what are you doing this week end?????
OH my--it is week end time again, isn't it????

Hugs, from US!!!


  1. Ohmygoodness, I'm glad Pink Betty didn't overheat!

    I just love that black and white quilt! Just enough splash of color too.

    Carol (NJ)

  2. Oh, my. I'm exhausted from all of your work!! Sunbonnet Sue looks just as busy! I don't have a kindle, but I listen to audiobooks while sew. My kids bought me an IPOD for Christmas and I can store my stories for travel. I have a list like yours, but don't seem to make as much progress as you!!

  3. Lots of sewing fun. Is your sewing machine really pink? I'm curious how you chose the name.

  4. You really don't sleep do you????
    Evertthing looks so awesome.
    Glad you are going to give Betty a bit of a rest--not sure she can keep up with you.

  5. Your Sun Bonnet Sues are adorable! I love the graphic black and white quilt top too. I like how instead of sashing you did two thin strips between the columns. Great idea, I just might need to "steal" for a couple quilts that I am working on.

  6. The Sun Bonnet Sue quilt top is very sweet, nice sashing fabric too in that one! Good to see your b & w blocks sewn together too, I like your layout for them! Have a great weekend, for me I am working!!!!


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