Thursday, March 8, 2012


that Pink Betty just does not know when to take some time off!!!
This is what she managed to 'create' today--
First was putting the basket block quilt top together--
Only ended up using 9 of the blocks for this one--
had alot of  'fun' trying to find lattice and borders for this one--
and even though I used the same patterns for all 9-- they all look like they are different!!!
must be the 'sewer'--but decided that there is no '2' baskets alike anyways--right?????

Then discovered at lunch time when I was on here for a few minutes that the next 'Temecula" block was ready--so wrote down the measurements and the picture and off I went to the sewing room--
the newest one is the one on the bottom--
I decided that I could use the same fabric for the baskets and just use different ones for the background for a change--besides it is the only 'sewing' fabric that I have that has small enough figures on it!!!!!
Pink Betty had her work cut out for her on this one--cause it got frogged and restitched a couple times--poor fabric!!!!!

At mail call--
this goodie came--
Now I ordered the March word play--and those new colors of threads--
but 'who' ordered that new pattern??????

It was the same with this order that came in the other day--

I ordered the Schnibbles pattern for this month--
but 'who' ordered the other pattern and that fabric????????

Now Pink Betty and I are working on another quilt top--
one that has been waiting 'her' turn since 'bi'--
before I even got the internet!!!!
but we did not get it finished today--
but here is a hint of what is to come---
some one did '16' of these blocks---
and there they have hung on a skirt hanger ever since!!!!!

Why is 'Di' working so hard and doing so much--
first I have to catch up from only doing knitting all last summer and part of the fall--
and because she wants to get back to going to the knitting workshops in May--
and before May comes April and she has some 'plans' for that month too, whereas the sewing would slow way down--
so she is trying to get some things ahead and get them basted or whatever so she has work to do this summer that is easier on the 'soul'!!!!!!

I will leave you tonight with this cute picture of the real 'boss' of this household!!!!!!
Ah--mom--what am I suppose to do with this little white ball, again!!!!!

Hugs, Di and that 'cat'!!!!


  1. No 2 baskets are alike or as pretty. Well done on getting them together.
    Cute pic of the boss.

  2. I think your baskets look great and now they are done! Also, like the idea of doing the baskets of blessings with different backgrounds and the baskets all the same. I need to get started on mine. I'm thinking of doing them all blue and I may copy your idea for the background. Just need to lay out my odds and ends. So glad you are making such great progress on your projects. Nola

  3. Well done with your Baskets quilt top, it looks very cute, still haven't had time to look at the pattern myself, but I'll try!!! Your other pieced basket blocks are lovely too, I love that block!!! Sounds as though you have some pretty solid plans for the remainer of the year with your projects Di! I guess it's good to have some idea of what you want to accomplish!!! Have a great weekend!!

  4. As I've said before, Di, you are an inspiration! lol

    I wonder if dd's kitties would enjoy that toy. Miss G looks very mesmerized with it!

    Carol (NJ)


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