Saturday, March 24, 2012


Ahhhh---Di---why do you need to redo today?????

Oh it wasn't today that I 'redid'--
it was a project--actually two of them!!!!
Why--because I got real tired of hearing this one 'quilt' crying all night--

I just couldn't get much sleep--
so even though I had 3-4 projects on the sewing table that I really wanted to do--
I went and got out the 'frog'--

That's me, what ya need today, Di????
Oh I see--we need to do alittle 'froggin' together on this project--
Ok, let's get busy and take out those large patches and then see what we can do--
so off we started--
took the border all off and then frogged in to the large plain blocks and took them out--
went into the sewing room--
but once I really looked at it, 
I realized that more than one block had gotten sewed in so the names where actually reading upside down--well, lets take them out of there--
and by the time 'we' got done--
I had taken all the blocks apart into the 4 patch sets--
re-straightened them and laid them out again--
and then I had a 'light blub' moment--
and set off to redo the quilt top--
and here she is----
Oh my what a difference!!!!!
So what do you think?????
Do you like the first one or this one better?????????

Then I redid one of the Blessings basket blocks--
I am not happy with how mine are coming out--
there is not the quarter inch along the sides of the block for seams,
so that I won't lose the points when we sew them together--
here is the first one--
It looks like there is in this picture--but there is not enough room--
here is the redo--
There is more now--but on a couple of them it is 'iffy'!!!!
I even remembered that I have a ruler that measures in 1/8th inches--
so used that and we know that my machine is not doing a quilter's 1/4 inch--

Last night I did some drawing of the patterns onto freezer paper for some wool designs and for March and Aprils blocks on Something Wonderful SAL--now to decide which ones to do first!!!!!

Hugs, Di and the wonderful Miss Gracie--


  1. The difference in the quilt top is wonderful - I really like your redo and think that all that frogging was worthwhile. Love lightbulb moments! I am sure sometimes quilt angels are watching over me.
    I found that this weeks Blessing block was the hardest and thought that I shouldl redo mine.

  2. I haven't started my basket yet, so I'm glad you posted about the 1/4 inch seam. I will have to watch that closely. I like your redo. Great job! Nola

  3. Definitely love the re-do! It was crying all night in anticipation of all that 'frogging' because it knew it was going to happen LOL!!!!
    Your border treatment too is great! It'll be snoring happily tonight!!!!
    Your little basket blocks are very cute too! Hope the rest of your weekend goes smoothly!!!

  4. I agree on the re-do - looks really good now.
    The baskets are pretty.
    Have fun today! Hugs!

  5. The siggy quilt redo turned out great and I like the new look better. I need to finish up mine!

  6. Re-doing was totally worth it! The quilt looks amazing. Great job.

  7. Your redone quilt top looks fabulous! It was definitely worth the time it took to take it apart and put it back together again! :0)


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