Monday, March 12, 2012


Guess soooo!!!!
Got the week off on a slow start I think--


Course the first thing on the 'to do' list was some hand quilting on that 'forever pink' quilt--
and I am happy to say--we are seeing the finish line--hopefully by Wed!!!!????
Then there was that 'thing' called housework that had to be done before I dared to step into the sewing room--but once that was done--

In I went--

and Pink Betty was all rested up and just waiting for me!!!
First we tackled finishing up Harrington and Hannah block for Feb--

and I was even a 'good' girl and sewed them  together--Jan and Feb blocks--
was 'tempted' to do individual ones again for each month--but!!!!!

After lunch I spent some time getting some embroidery work ready--
I think they are all Bird Brain's patterns too!!!!

Then I tackled this project--
These are 'siggy' blocks from a  2009  signature swap we did--
and all those little blocks have been in a little baggie ever since--
I was 3 blocks short, or 1 block too many--what to do!!!????
so I added the 3 fabric blocks, but am not sure I am happy with the look??
will have to look at this some more and see if something else comes to me--
I did think that I would do some extra stitching on those blocks--but?????

So I can mark off one more quilt top that is all together--
so now I only have a dozen more to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and here is our Miss Gracie, for today--
She just loves this little table in front of the window--
seen a finch bird downstairs today--
so came up and put my feeder sock out--
hope they will find there way around here to the front of the building--
and I think Miss Gracie is hoping for the same thing!!!!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. Miss Gracie is so spoiled. Now you have gone and gotten her her very own TV. Too cute! All the projects are looking good!!

  2. You're continuing to keep up a pretty good pace with your projects Di!! Your Miss Gracie is about as spoiled as my Miss Mini LOL!!! Don't they have charmed lives!

  3. Maybe you could do some light colored applique on those plain blocks. That might make them fit in more with the other blocks. Congrats on getting it together! :0)

  4. O my goodness, is your siggie flimsy the same one I was in? (I am Cootie Bug who hosted a siggy swap). My blocks are pieced into a flimsy but I've never quilted it ... I want to but just haven't gotten started.


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