Friday, April 6, 2012


I had planned to work on getting the backing cut to go with the quilt under it--
but it seems that Miss Gracie had other ideas!!!!
So, like a good Mom--
I went on to other projects!!!!
and I did get these 3 projects basted for hand quilting--
and I did get this Easter candle mat finished today--
Here a chick, there a chick!!!!
this was a fun project to stitch!

Yesterday I did get the first little 'Pocket' block done by Homespun-
I am using an older line--Sweetwaters for these--
the 2nd block  came out today--but????


Got this book and it is so interesting and the blocks are neat!!


And here I have all my 'eggs' in one basket--
or rather in one very old dish--
my Mom always put the colored Easter eggs in this Carnival glass bowl and set them on the table at dinner time--I have usually gotten it out every Easter and done the same--but this year I decided to do these eggs, that way I can it out longer than a couple hours!!!


Wednesday night before going to bed I looked out the window and seen the full moon with several pretty rings around it and so did take some photos--
Doesn't  that look like a heart shape on the moon????
Well, it has been  a busy two days--
and now the week end is here and a Holiday weekend at that--
BE careful out there--
Hugs, Di and that Miss Gracie


  1. Wow!!! You have been really busy! Your Easter projects are sooooo cute.
    The full moon pictures are really spooky.

  2. So many wonderful projects. Gracie was right to give some rest. Even though you manage to do a lot. The book seems very interesting.
    Happy Easter.

  3. Lovely little quilts! You know how much I love baskets. And the chick candle mat is so adorable. I wish I had time to sew as much as you do.This working gig really interferes with my life!

  4. Very nice little quilts! The moon was also beautiful....I also
    have my very own helper named Gracie ...I swear she can smell a quilt when it is laid out and ready to be worked on!!


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