Sunday, April 22, 2012


Cause this afternoon found me doing these--
as this box was empty--
needed to fill it so I can make some more of these--
H = Hexie's !!!!!!!
there is alot of cutting to these when you use the freezer paper method!!!!
cause first you have to print off the hexagons and cut them out--
then press them to the fabric and then cut them out--
but I did it--
it was just too damp and chilly to go outside today--
so was a good day for 'cutting' up!!!!!!

And I did get this bom block done--
My Hannah and Harrington block--
had me a hard time with these rabbits this month--
they were having fun running around and around the birdhouse poles--
I finally said--'Simon says to stop' and they did--
but Hannah was on the wrong end--
but she just wiggled her ears at me and said--
"keep me here--I want to keep Harrington guessing as to what I will do next????"
and I am not one to argue with a rabbit!!!!

So this is my 'story' for today--
Hugs, Di and her ball of fire--Miss Gracie


  1. Your hexagons are all so pretty! They make me almost want to start a hexagon project of my own. Almost! LOL

  2. Oh I love the hexies and the rabbits! Looks like you got a lot done!!!

  3. Your hexies are just gorgeous Di! They look so happy and just right for your Spring!! Those rabbits are very cute too!!!

  4. The rabbits are so cute!
    Love the hexies, so cheerful! I must admit I hate the cutting out part, takes so much time and then the sewing goes so fast ... And you are back where you started. :-)

  5. Haaaaaaaa! Oh that is too funny Di! I love it!
    Love all your pretty hexies too! They are so fun to make.

  6. Your hexies look cute in the box like that :) I have so many I still need to finish... maybe I'll work on them on the weekend...


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