Wednesday, April 4, 2012


and I did my '2'--
One of these weeks I need to lay these out and see how they all look together--
I also need to get some more 'prepped' for stitching--
it's on my 'to do' list!!!

Mail Call was fun today--
got me '2' orders in--
first one--
came all nicely wrapped--so it feels like Christmas and if you have a short memory--
it is like Christmas cause you forgot what it was that you ordered!!!!!!
Ohhhh--felt and thread and a new pattern--
and Shell always adds a little package of goodies!!!!

Second one had a surprise as well--
this is one of the fabrics I ordered from Fat Quarter shop--
(had to order this months Schnibbles pattern and you always have to order more than just that--
that is the 'law' you know!!!!)
but here is the surprise--
that piece is on with all the rest of these fabrics--
who knew????
Also got these two prints-
and I needed a third one of these--
I lovvvveeee these Clover seam 'froggers'!!!!!
I have one in the sewing room,
one by the counted cross stitch work,
and I needed one by the rocking chair--so that I did not have to chase down one of the other 'two' and then forget to return it!!!!!
and I got this cute set of Fat quarters--
Ahhhhhh--these are my colors!!!!

I was invited to something today, that not alot of folks have ever been to!!!!
They had a retirement party today for Bounce--
with pizza, popcorn, and chips--
sooooo--you say--you have been to lots of retirement parties--
I hear you--
but, Bounce, is a dog--
yep--a 4 legged yellow dog--(like the picture above)
but he has been a seeing eye dog for a resident here for the last 7 years and Bounce is now 11 years old--
so the Seeing Eye Dog place said that Bounce did not pass his last test--and we could all see this coming ourselves--so Bounce will go live with his master, Kevin's, sister--so he will still be in the family--and Kevin gets a new dog in 2 weeks!!!
( oh the goodies was for us to eat!!!! and boy did that dog get lots of gifts from everyone!!!)

All most forgot--
remember this center of this quilt that I gave to my Anne for hospice????
this is how she finished it--how cute!!!! Thanks Anne!!

Hugs, Di and a loving Miss Gracie


  1. Some lovelies in the mail there Di! Glad I'm not the only one who sometimes forgets what I have ordered LOL!!! How nice to have a retirement party for such a special dog, glad to hear he is going to be given a loving retirement. Have a great Easter holiday!!

  2. Lovely flowers to add to the hexie garden...
    Oh and so many yummy fabrics and a special party for you to go to. What fun...
    Have a Happy Easter Di and Gracie..

  3. Awwwwwww!!! I think having a party for Bounce is the sweetest. He is a gorgeous boy. It looks like you have a well rounded fun day. Lots of gifts and mail for everyone.


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