Friday, April 13, 2012


Another quilt top is allll finished--
so are you ready--
first here is a little peek--
I still can't believe how much 'orange' I used in this quilt!!!!!
So now are you really really ready to see the whole thing????

Remember my blocks are only 6 1/2 " squares where as the one in the magazine used 8 1/2" squares--
so mine is smaller--plus I did not add the inner border--the only fabric I had in this line did not look right for some reason--the outer border is actually a piece from "Me and My Sisters" flower's line--
the rest is from a charm pack for Dilly Dally line!!!  It was fun doing this and a really easy pattern--
so--hop, run, fly, to a store near you and get the magazine and some Me and My Sisters fabric and have some fun!!!!!!!!!

I also got two more quilts basted today--
So now I have some to chose from when I get one hand basted as to which one I want to do next--
(I have others ready too!!)
And on a walk this afternoon my camera jumped out of my pocket and snapped these pictures--
and last, but one of my favorite flowers--
Gotta go to Walmart and see if they are in yet and get some for my little flower bed!!

Well--if my 'plan' goes according to plan-- and lets see since the first of the month I am now about on 'plan' z for this 'plan'--
and it is to do that spring cleaning that I have wanted to  start since the first of the month--
and seeing how they are now telling us here, that by Monday we will have 80 degree days--
I best stick to this--so if you do not see a post from me for a couple days--
it is because I got 'buried' in the extra stuff that I am sorting--
or I maybe 'stuck' in a cupboard or closet and can't get out!!!!!

OOOhhh my, it is Friday again--
so have a great week end and do something fun -- for me--I will be lost in the closet, remember!!!!
OHHHH and that miss gracie says 'HI'!!!


  1. Oh No! Cleaning?!?! I did mine last week, so I got to relax for a few days. Don't work too hard!

  2. Your quilt top is so pretty! The colors so fresh looking! Love the flowers and colors too! Beautiful post! And you can't go wrong with the SunBonnet Sue! ♥♥♥

  3. Fun quilt top! The colours are perfect for spring.
    Now don't do too much cleaning - have some fun too!
    Hugs to you and little miss G.

  4. Very well done Di! Your latest flimsy is just wonderful, such a happy Spring quilt, you finished that up in record time!!! Love all the Spring flower photos too, such gorgeous blooms. Have fun Spring cleaning!!!


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