Monday, April 2, 2012


Yep--it was Basket day here--
but let me show you the best Basket for today--
This is my Blessings Basket top finished---
though I did a lot of 'froggin' on this top--
First I did not like the corner stones  I first used--
they were toooo bright for the rest of the fabrics--
then I sewed too many strips onto the blocks--
finally had to come out there and turn the computer on--
to "resee" how I was to put it together!!!!
this was a really fun project and I enjoyed working on it a lot!!

Course the 'other' basket job today was the 'laundry'!!!!
and boy did I have my share and must of been at least half of someone else's share by the looks when I got it done!!!!

Now we have not heard from you Di all week end--
so what else have you been up to?????
Ahhh--making a mess--
wanna see???
one table in the dinning room--
second table in the dinning room--
sewing room--
What ever where you doing???
I was filling this box up--
lots of wool prepped projects!!!
I hate getting it all out for just one project at a time--
so I spent the whole week end playing with the wool--
now I can just pick out which ever project I want to do and go to work!!!
I also have 2 spring candle mats that I am working on!!!
Now I want you to see this--
dinning room tables--

See don't I 'clean' up good????
and now all the wool is here--

packed up by lots for it's new home--
ahhh--where I am going to put it for it's new home--
I am still working on that plan!!!!

Did you notice though that the cutting table now has the light box on it--
well--now I am going to do a bunch of tracing for embroidery projects--
so they are ready--will take a day or two this week to do that--
then I need to prepare some hand piecing projects---

Is anyone spring cleaning there homes this month??????
I think that is on my list for this month so not sure how much actual sewing I will get done????
Well--now that you are thoroughly 'bored'--
I am off to read what you all have been up to!!!



  1. Oh Di I love your place - it looks a lot like mine- LOL! I read somewhere a long time ago that creativity is not neat and I totally agree. One must follow the inspiration wherever it leads. Have you checked out Pink Pincushion today? You won a prize in the parade (and so did I- woo hooo) -now that's a great end to a Monday. Take care -

  2. Love the basket quilt! It's so sweet!

  3. Your basket quilt is beautiful.Love it.
    I'm Spring cleaning this week, have to.
    Hope I'll have some time to do some sewing afterwards.

  4. The basket quilt is so pretty!
    I've done my spring cleaning - big sister has come for Easter, so.... but my work room isn't very tidy at the moment..
    Easer hugs to you and miss Gracie.

  5. The Basket quilt is very sweet, I love the fabrics you used in it!!
    Yes, I will be doing some Autumn house cleaning, have already done some yardwork, getting ready for the winter months ahead! But I've earned some time in the sewing room too as it's been a bit quiet for the past couple of weeks.
    Have a lovely Easter!!!

  6. Hi! I too cleaned my sewing room and closet and found a BOM that I had started 10 yrs ago. I have finished it now.
    I just loved your "critter pillows" would you let me know where you got the pattern?!?
    Thank you, Pam

  7. The baskets are so cute!! You have been very busy messing up and cleaning up. I need to get on to that cleaning up part. I will be joining you on the spring cleaning hopefully.


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