Monday, April 9, 2012


Let's see--
winter is over--
Valentines day is over--
St.Patty's day is over--
and Easter is over--
and now we get a bit of a break until Mother's Day!!!!

Now, let's see--
what do I have to show you tonight????
I did get the second block done for "Pocket Patchwork" from Homespun--
and I did add some blocks to this quilt--

Added more blocks today to the pile--
I am now half done with the blocks--need 30 and have 15 done---
maybe tomorrow?????

And someone had the nerve , to say, that I did not decorate for Easter--
well--looky here, cause I did!!!
I just happened to pick these up at Joann's the other night--
have no reason why I did--did not need them!!!!
but if these eggs are not the same  exact colors as to what is going into these blocks or what????
the fabric line is Dilly Dally by Me and My sister, and these blocks are going into a quilt they designed--but they used a newer line they have out now!!

Yesterday I did a nice walk around town and took some pictures--
but this one is my favorite--
I this chain link fence not the 'cutest' thing you have ever seen?????
(I think the camera person was aiming for those bluebells under the chain--
I think she missed!!!!!)

Hope everyone had a good Easter and that you didn't eat too much of the kiddies candy???
It is time to get back to work on those projects that are calling for you in the sewing rooms across the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie


  1. Those blocks are perfect Easter colors, so perfect decor. Both versions are great--don't know which I like better, so I won't decide.
    Love the photo gallery!

  2. Pretty kitties!, I really like that pretty stack of blocks!

  3. Your 'brights' blocks look great, just perfect for your Spring season! I'm also liking your 'pocket patchwork' blocks too, love the colours!!!


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