Monday, April 30, 2012


Writer tonight--
must be the last two months caught up with me today!!!
I did get one project all caught up to date--
this is the "pockets" one from Homespun--
I was like 3 weeks behind!!!!
It has been fun working with this line of fabrics for something different!!!
And just so you know how hard I have worked on the 'steps' program--
and do you see what is at the bottom--
Yep---I am still not toooo 'old' to get foil stars on my reports!!!!!!!
But I think I ran out of  'gas' today--cause when I got the 'pockets' project finished--
I crashed--
sat in the rocker and finished reading a book on my Kindle--
then went in and took a nap--think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow!!!
but I did do a walk outside today--so that counts for something -right?????

And I did some work on a counted cross stitch project once up from the nap--
and I always do some hand quilting every morning after breakfast--
so--maybe I was a good girl after allllll!!!!!

How did your last day of the month go??????
And do you have any big--big plans for the month of May??????
Hugs, Di and her favorite baby--miss gracie


  1. Nice work on 'pockets' the fabrics! Congrats on those foil stars. Yay you!

  2. Love the colour of the fabrics you are using for your pockets. Look great..
    Good girl getting Stars for your steps..

    Oh have I been working in my Christmas Projects Di just haven't posted as it is a secret .....

  3. Congrats on a Gold Star month! I bought a pedometer to replace my broken one, but I haven't calibrated it or used it yet. I guess I should to that, huh? You deserved a nap, so you can stitch on into the mew month. Happy May Day!!

  4. Hoping for a good May--I had to settle for hugging the cats this month.
    The pockets look great and well done on the stars!!!

  5. Great pockets:-) Glad you didn`t change the middle,little one,look
    perfect!Congrats on those foil stars, and Happy month of May!

  6. Your pockets look great. Definitely a different set of colors for you.

    Terrific job on your "steps"!

  7. I try to walk everyday too. I have no idea how many steps I do, but I would be thrilled to get some gold stars. I really love those fabrics in your new blocks. So unusual.

  8. Congratulations on your steps program results!! You might be a bit tired, but hopefully you also might be getting fitter, that's always a good thing LOL! Love your 'pockets' blocks, that range of fabric is really lovely!!!!

  9. Good for you and all your steps! That's wonderful!


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