Saturday, April 28, 2012


This story is about some 'silly' geese and their 'pilot'!!!

When the 'pilot' got out of bed this morning--
she thought--
wait a minute--those 'strips' of geese are longer than 5 inches--
so she popped into the workroom and measured one strip--
sure enough they were over 7 inches long!!!!
Now she is asking herself--how can you cut 5 inch strips from charm blocks, when the 'flock' of geese measures over 7 inches!!!!

So out comes the directions to the Schnibbles pattern--
and this 'stupid' 'silly' pilot, who must hate to read--
discovers that there is only suppose to be '3' geese

 to a flock--not '4'!!!!!!

Soooo--out comes that 'seam' rippin frog--and away we go--
dividing up the flock--you should of hear the 'screeching' that went with it--
but finally the geese settled  down--and we got some work done---

And then 'Sweet' Pink Betty really got  a work out--
and after a few hours of 'sweet' talkin the geese--
we came out of the sewing room with--
some silly flying geese---
and here they are--
only this pilot is still  shaking her head--


these poor stupid geese still don't know which way to fly---

North, South, East or West!!!!!!!

Hugs, Di and---

that Miss Gracie!!!!


Linda in Calif. said...

I love all your geese! Both the real ones and the ones that make a quilt. Cute story too!

Lesley said...

Love your geese quilt and really enjoyed your story. I noticed the 4- geese units yesterday but thought you were purposely changing the pattern a little. Well done!

Teresa F. said...

I love your flying geese, both of them. Can you please tell me what is the size of the flying geese ? They seem so small.

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Funny! And another cute quilt.
Hope you and Miss Gracie enjoy your Sunday.

Michelle May said...

Di this story is just too funny! Love your geese and I know Miss Gracie wishes the real one's would come to play. ;)

carol fun said...

Your Schnibble is flying right! Pretty fabrics! I was hoping to get this month's done but it wasn't to be. I'll be looking forward to May's selection. Happy stitching-

Merilyn said...

How funny!!! We all do silly things sometimes! I guess you need to consult your co-pilot (Miss Gracie) next time you decide to do some complicated fabric math LOL!!!! The quilt turned out very cute!!!!

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