Sunday, April 29, 2012


brought to you by the number '3'!!!!
but first I need some more Chocolate--
be right back-
Ahhh--this is better--yummmmm!!!!

Back to the number '3'--
had 3 things on the to do list for today--
#1.decorate dry sink
#2.take care of and sort the '3' containers in front of the China cabinet/desk!! lots of steps for the last day of the reporting!!!

#1--a before picture--
this is on the small wall between the kitchen and dinning room--
and is the first thing you pretty much see when you enter the apartment--
now look--
Very country/prim!!!
Nearly everything came from my country shop over town for here--
including the dry sink!!!
(all boughten last year sometime!!!!)

#2. the 3 piles of paper and cards and whatnots in front of the china cabinet
forgot the before photos--
but look here--
floor is clear and clean--
everything was put away or throwed away--
we are not done yet with this project!!!!

#3. was the 'steps' program--
to day I did the most steps yet--12,493 and counting
(not in bed yet!!!)

My average for week #1 was 6,347
and todays average for this last week was--10,854 steps per day!!!!
Now to keep it up--:-)

I lost 6 lbs at least and have really lowered my blood pressure--
to below 120/80 even!!!

these photos are from my walk today!!
So I got my list done for today!!!

And Yesterday--- I also had another 'H' story--
with those bunnies--Hannah and Harrington--
can you believe that 'Di' got us stitched "with in the month" that Mom  gave out the pattern??
Yea--for once, Harrinington said--she did get on the 'stick'!!!
Ah--Harrington--you are still on the right side--???
Ahhh-Miss Hannah--the surprise is on you!!!
You see when walking down the street with a 'lady' the gentlemen is suppose to be on the right--
Ohhhhh--Harrington you think of everything!!!!!
Even getting an umbrella for us that has my favorite on it--
hearts!!!! Thanks Harrington!!!!
Well--tomorrow is another sewing day--
I hope!!! One more day of April and I do have couple more projects I would like to finish!!!
What about you???????
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie


  1. I think you can pat yourself on the back at least 3 times. But I think the losing 6 pounds is worth a lot more. Well done!!! And H & H are super cute too!

  2. Congratulations on bringing your blood pressure down! And your dry sink looks very inviting! Florence

  3. Good on you with your clearing, decorating and stepping - wow that's a great result from the walking :-) Hannah and Harrington in my house are feeling very sad as they haven't had their umbrella put up yet! Yours look great.

  4. Yes, I love what you have done to the dry sink! Very cool. Good job getting the rabbits done for the month. They are looking cute as ever.

  5. Firstly congratulations on your weight loss and excellent blood pressure!!! It is quite an achievement! Love the way you have decorated your dresser, it looks quite wonderful!!!

  6. Your H and H block looks wonderful Di! So proud of you for getting it done! Woo hoo!
    Ok..I totally want to go shopping at that country shop near you. Everything you show from there is so pretty!


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