Sunday, April 15, 2012


So --everybody back to work!!!!
And before you look at these pictures --
please read the above hanging about being creative!!!!!
Here is some before and after photos of my week ends workings!!!
This is the upper 2 shelves in my yarn, sewing, laundry room closet--
the bottom part was still in pretty good shape from before!!!!!
I sorted and threw out lots of paper work and photos--
soooo, it was a 'memory' kind of day in doing it!!!

I did clear off 2 shelves on this yellow stand just inside the door to this closet--
was thinking about putting my wool there--but not sure now--may have another place to put that!!

This closet wasn't too bad--
the very top shelf is where I store the 'seasonal' clothes--
will not do them just yet--they will be done when I do the bedroom--
see the nice bright colored tags on the plastic drawer thingy--
that is where I sort and store paper work--
that was 'jammed' with all of last years receipts and such--
that was a fun job--but it is done and only 2012 papers are now in those drawers!!!
and those 2 tan containers have 'collections' in them to sort, they are now over on the table for that job later in the week___
On the floor of this closet was this tote--
and in it was these items--
My collection of pictures, cross stitch framed projects, and empty frames--
I really had to laugh at myself here--
as I had already sorted this tote at some point and I wanted to keep everything that was in it--
so for now --it all went back in and back into the closet--
but is was fun to see it again!!!!

Now to the really messy closet--
this is right beside the front door and is 'suppose' to be a coat closet--
well--leave it to Di to not use it as that--
here is where she hangs her coats and sweaters--
across from it--
Ahhh--Di do you really 'need' all of them to wear!!!!
I was shocked at how many things were hanging here--
but look now--
a couple things went into the wash to be put up for this year and I gave a couple things--sweaters, away already--
and tote bags==between the two closets--
oh my goodness--I did not count--don't think I can count that high--
but look at the coat closet now--
Big difference hu?????
I got rid of all those cheap totes from the grocery stores and you know where???
and will use my cloth ones from now on--
I really don't buy that much at any one time--soooo!!!!

The next cleaning and sorting job is the kitchen--
not sure how much of that will get done tomorrow--
the kitchen gets really warm and they are saying in the 80's for temps for here--
but then Tuesday will be back to low 60's --sooooo!!!!
I may have to work in the sewing room ==sewing tomorrow!!!

well--have fun and be safe this next week!!!
Hugs, to all--Di and a bird watching miss gracie
Ahh--miss gracie--I am not a bird--
the birds are out the window in that tree!!!!!


  1. Oh my - aren't you the productive one??? Doesn't it feel good? I've been through the whole hose, room by room, decluttering and getting rid of stuff. Now it's time to make the second pass. There's still to much 'stuff' here. Do you want to come orgainize it for me? I have a comfy guest room! And a personal chef. And three lovely kitties.

  2. Have you taken up Sunny's offer to declutter her home after you have been busy doing yours.

    Looks great.

  3. Same here:I wish you lived closer, I have lots of clutter:-)Very nice pinwheels,congrats on your top finished;looks great!

  4. Always good to have a tidy-up! So good for the soul!!!! You have done very well so far!!!


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