Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hexie flowers for this week--
See 'dolly' is holding them this week--
and as 'Di' was in a hurry--she did not realize until a bit ago--
that the blue flower is upside down--oh wellllll!!!

we will have to 'excuse' her this week as she has been really working hard on cleaning those closets and cabinets and drawers!!!!!
Today's job was the fancy dishes and nicknacky things in the cupboards--
and I was good and have boxed up some to give away--and what is left is organized nicely--
so that I can 'play house' more often and redecorate, so it not take dayssssssssss to do it!!!!
I am thinking tomorrow will be the holiday shelf in the large bedroom closet!!!
I got me 4-3 drawer plastic units for the holiday things--
I will mark each drawer with whatever collection goes in it--
like santa's, angels, lights and so forth--
then when it comes time to decorate, I can just pull a drawer of that collection--
instead of hauling down 3-4 totes and having to look through them for what I want--
and then they are down for the whole holiday and in the way--
so I am hoping!!!!!!!

We did a group walk this afternoon at 4:30--
and on the way back I took this picture--
just for you---
Is the top of this tree not cute????
it sure is different!!!!

Well--need to go rest--
really did a little too much today--
but I am so ready to get back to sewing!!!!

and a sleepy--Miss Gracie


  1. Very pretty ones to add to your garden....

  2. Hee hee--the tree looks like it is hanging its little gloves out to dry. Hope you haven't worn yourself out too much.


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