Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Well--sorta of anyways--
did feel a little more rested today--
thanks for all the lovely comments lately!!
It is time consuming to get that many steps in everyday--
but--it is worth it!

Ok--here is a neat story for you--
As today was Tuesday it was my friends Annes day to come and stitch--
and she arrived right on time and sat on the couch--
all of a sudden she jumped up and ran to the window--
I thought--Oh my she just spotted a cat across the street again--
but it was not a  cat--
it was a 'bird' eating away at insects in a tree stump--
I could not see it-
but I grabbed the big boy camera with the longest lens--

and sure enough there he was in all his glory--
Can you see him????
Can you tell what kind of bird it is???
Now can you tell???
this is a 'rare' Pileated Woodpecker!!!!!!
and it is one large bird!!!
It made Anne's day!!!!
well and mine!!!!

I did walk over to the Yarn Shop as today was the first of May and I did pay my workshop fee for the next 2 months and my first workshop is on Thursday--I just have to remember now to go!!!
So I suppose now you will have to hear about 'knitting' on this station along with the quilting!!!!!

I got the next Schnibbles pattern (Doc) all ordered and some fabric to go with it--
Ahhh--you do have to get something special each month for the pattern don't you????
I was good last month and used an older line I had--though I have to confess that I did order some fabric for last months--it just wasn't right though once I got it--and I love 'new' excuses to 'shop' some more!!!!!!!

Have fun tomorrow at whatever you do!!!!
Hugs, from Di and miss gracie

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  1. Such a beautiful bird. We have some that show up around here too.
    I love your knitting. I use the hand warmers you made me all the time.


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