Tuesday, May 15, 2012


1. lots of projects---
2. spring cleaning--
3. redecorating--
4. garden work--
5. and the month of May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rain drops -- keep fallin on my 'head'!!!!
Another block hand quilted on Sunbonnet Sue!!!
I found these ducks sitting here outside by the gardens--
they must be keeping on 'eye' on the tenants here????

Must of been somebody's birthday on this block!!!!

It was a beautiful day here today--so after my 'beauty' rest--
I did go for a walk done to the end of the lake--
one in the water--
two by land--
but no baby ones yet this year??????

this is the way we walk our dogs around here??????
Pretty flowers down my the pier--
Seee there is even 'fish' in this lake--sometimes!!!!!
and now for some 
boating names--just in case you are looking for a name for yours!!!
I am upset that I did not get this before they put it out--
but I think you can still see it all--
how cute?????
I would need 'therapy' after I rode in this one--
and today at the price of gas----ouch!!!!
at least it doesn't day 'the grateful dead'!!!!!
Ahhhh--one car--one open trunk--and one pair of sneakers--
but no 'body'!!!!
wonder if this is a 'clue'??????

Happy Sunshine to alll--
Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. Love all the photos. We saw baby geese earlier today--so cute. Your list is scary, need it all to slow down or the finish to those jobs to hurry up.
    Either that or I will jump on that Therapy boat.

  2. Great photos, Di. Nice boats!!
    Sunbonnet Sue blocks are cute. Hope you need a sunbonnet - raining here today.

  3. It really is so pretty where you live Di. Love all the boat names. Too funny!


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