Saturday, May 26, 2012


to finally be able to stay out of that dark bag--
that my knitter kept shoving me into!!!!
She started me just a year ago--
and it has been one long year let me tell you--
she'd take me out--work on parts of me--
and then she wad me up and stuff me and all my parts back into that dark bag of hers!!!!
and she bring me out again a day or two later,
or it might me a week or two--
or it could even be a couple months, before she would unzip that dark bag and pull me out in parts and work on me some more!!!!!
Then the first of this month--
month of May--
I heard her say--
"I am going to finish you--before I start anything else"!!!!
and today she put the final stitches on me and sewed on my pretty button--
And now I am really 'smiling' cause that means--
I no longer have to stuffed back into that dark bag--
until "Di" got the notion to work on me!!!!!!
Whoop eeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Oh No--there is that 'lady' Di again with her big boy camera--
how can I concentrate on painting you, my beautiful frog girl--
with her snapping pictures all over the place??????

I know my dear--
that lady "Di" thinks her pictures of those flowers are soooo beautiful,
but you are the most beauuutiful flower in all these gardens!!!!!

Have a safe and happy week end--!!!!
Hugs, Di and the frog couple!!!
Oh and yes--you too miss gracie


  1. Too funny!!! You are having a good time with the big boy camera. The sweater turned out nice, now for a nice cool evening???

  2. The pictures of your flowers are lovely. And what a cute sweater! You are very talented with "needles" be it quilting or knitting. Glad you are enjoying that camera. We love seeing all your great pictures. Nola

  3. Cute frogs! Congrats on finishing the sweater ! What's next on the knitting needles?
    Are you still doing the steps? I find 10000 a day difficult in this heat ... We are enjoying a few real summer days.
    Hugs to you and you know who :-)

  4. You always make me laugh Di. Love your little frogs and that sweater is so pretty.


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