Saturday, May 26, 2012


to finally be able to stay out of that dark bag--
that my knitter kept shoving me into!!!!
She started me just a year ago--
and it has been one long year let me tell you--
she'd take me out--work on parts of me--
and then she wad me up and stuff me and all my parts back into that dark bag of hers!!!!
and she bring me out again a day or two later,
or it might me a week or two--
or it could even be a couple months, before she would unzip that dark bag and pull me out in parts and work on me some more!!!!!
Then the first of this month--
month of May--
I heard her say--
"I am going to finish you--before I start anything else"!!!!
and today she put the final stitches on me and sewed on my pretty button--
And now I am really 'smiling' cause that means--
I no longer have to stuffed back into that dark bag--
until "Di" got the notion to work on me!!!!!!
Whoop eeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Oh No--there is that 'lady' Di again with her big boy camera--
how can I concentrate on painting you, my beautiful frog girl--
with her snapping pictures all over the place??????

I know my dear--
that lady "Di" thinks her pictures of those flowers are soooo beautiful,
but you are the most beauuutiful flower in all these gardens!!!!!

Have a safe and happy week end--!!!!
Hugs, Di and the frog couple!!!
Oh and yes--you too miss gracie


Alice said...

Too funny!!! You are having a good time with the big boy camera. The sweater turned out nice, now for a nice cool evening???

Just Ramblin' said...

The pictures of your flowers are lovely. And what a cute sweater! You are very talented with "needles" be it quilting or knitting. Glad you are enjoying that camera. We love seeing all your great pictures. Nola

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Cute frogs! Congrats on finishing the sweater ! What's next on the knitting needles?
Are you still doing the steps? I find 10000 a day difficult in this heat ... We are enjoying a few real summer days.
Hugs to you and you know who :-)

Michelle May said...

You always make me laugh Di. Love your little frogs and that sweater is so pretty.

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