Monday, May 7, 2012


I have another "over-seeer"---
This is 'Miss Chook'--
and she now sits  under the lamp by the computer--
and if I don't leave enough comments on other;s posts--
she starts in 'screeching'--so beware!!!!!

I got mail today--
I got a lovely blue box in the post--
and this is what was inside--
Packages to unwrap and quilt magazines to search for golden nuggets in!!!
and here is my loot--
You do notice the chocolate don't you?????
and that yellow ducky is a tape measure--how sweet--
and Alice didn't even know, I don't think,
 that I love yellow duckies!!!!
but thought it would look 'silly' at my 'young' age to have a rubber duckie in the bathroom!!!!
but now I can have one in the sewing room and not be considered 'weird"!!!!!
And look at this cat fabric--is this not the cutest--
and look at the cat one in the above picture with all the hats--
I just love them alllllll!!!!
And are these 'sewing' prints not lovely???
oh and yes one is a tea print--all have my mind going!!!!
So one great big hug and Thank you goes to a dear blog and email friend whom I have not met in person yet!!!!!!!
And a big thank you to all who took time to send me Birthday wishes --Hugs---


  1. I'm not seeing a picture but whatever it is must be something wonderful.

  2. I missed your birthday! That's what happens when I don't keep up with your posts. So, I wish you a Happy Belated Birthday and hope that this year brings many wonderful things your way and that you will enjoy many more birthdays. Nola

  3. OMG what a lovely lot of loot for your birthday...Enjoy.

  4. Great goodies! I love the sewing fabrics and the duck. I have a friend in her 60's who's collected rubber duckies for years. When you go into her bathroom the entire tub is filled with ducks! It is hilarious!

  5. Now that's one fabulous haul of loot! woo hoo!

  6. Happy belated birthday Di!! I am so way behind these days on my blog reading, just too much of life getting in the way!! Your loot looks great, love the cat fabrics!!!


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