Wednesday, May 30, 2012


And I only 'found' one flower in the garden today!!!
we have some other things to show you as well--
Another hand quilted Sue block--
an Angel--just like me?????????

and here is me saying my prayers!!!!
I mean Sue!!!
Just 5 more blocks to go out of the 20!!!!

We got some more knitting finished--
the 'famous' socks are all done--
Here is the front design and this design is on the leg part on the back side--
and here is the heart design that is on both side panels--
and just sooo you know--
that I did do "2' of them--
Have a new pair already started!!!!

It has been really humid here for days now--
so no sewing--but have managed to keep on working on some kind on project---
and have done the walks every day/night--
so here is some photos for you to enjoy--
This is Daisy--Thelma's kitty--she keeps a good watch over my flower garden down stairs!!!
and I could not resist this photo with her above the tin cat outside the window!!!
This is Rudy--Joe's one dog--it looks like he is sticking his 'tongue' out at me!!!!
and this is Rudy's daughter-Gigi!!! also Joe's dog!!!
And this is last night's sunset here on the lake!!!

Have fun tomorrow doing something you enjoy doing!!!
Hugs, Di and her cutie--Miss Gracie


Alice said...

Well done--your Sue blocks are so cute! And you know I love those purple socks.
Keep up the photography and we will have to call you Di-sel Adams.
Have fun!!!

sunny said...

I love your angel Sue! Where did you get your Sue patterns? Thanks for sharing all the photos.

carol fun said...

I love your Sunbonnet Sue blocks! So pretty! and I don't think I've ever seen any like this before - very creative. Try to stay cool - its been in the 90's here already and its too early for that kind of heat.

Maria said...

Lovely flower and gorgeous Sunbonnet Sue blocks too.
Love the photos...

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